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How to win a free T-shirt by writing about motorbikes

Win free t-shirt from Leslie by writing about motorbikes

Attention genuine writers who like to write about motorbikes! Do readers like your articles about motorbikes? You can win a FREE T-shirt signed by Leslie Porterfield — the fastest women on two wheels! If you enjoy writing about motorbikes, you have a chance to win a Free Motorbikes India T-shirt! ...

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Motorcycle Accident: True Love Story

Motorcycle Accident True Love Strory

A really heart touching and sad love story. It’s about a boy and a girl who went for a motorcycle ride together. Half way through the boy realises that something is wrong with his motorcycle. He understands that accident is inevitable…

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Four Corners of India — Part 2. The Northern Corner of India

Four Corners of India - Part 2 North

In the previous article we followed Chiranthana from Bangalore to the Western corner of India on his journey around Four Corners of India. This time we are following Chiranthana on the second part his journey to the Northern Corner of India. Last time we ended the story on the International Yoga ...

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The Incredible Four Corners of India Solo Motorcycle Ride

India Four Corners solo ride - Ramaiah Chiranthana - Intro

Fellow bikers call him the «Royal Challenger». And he just loves motorcycle adventures. Especially adventures and challenges of riding his Yamaha FZS motorbike at night time. His name is Ramaiah Chiranthana. On June 17th, 2016 he set off for an unprecedented solo motorbike trip around four corners of India. During ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles Made in India

Top Ten Most Beautiful Motorbikes India

Today motorcycle brands compete on many levels, including design. Here we’ve rated 10 of the most beautiful motorcycles manufactured in India. Motorcycles have become much more than just a convenience. It’s more that just price and tech specs. To win more sales, motorcycle brands compete on many levels. Including design. This is ...

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