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10 Best Performing Scooters in India

While motorbikes are the heart of the two-wheeler community, you cannot ignore scooters as they form an inseparable part of the two-wheeler market. Although there are multiple launches in motorbikes day-by-day, scooters have their own set of fans, especially among young girls and working women. Thus, it becomes essential to …

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Kawasaki Z650 BS6 – New Launch

Are you feeling low that you couldn’t explore the world with your motorbike and make new adventures this 2020? Do not get upset as everything can change, and the soon-to-come 2021 will be prey to your motorbike hunger. Today’s article is one such introduction to the motorbike community from the …

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Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP India Launch

Very eager to know about the fresh arrival into the motorbike community this year 2020 that will rock the floor and is about to make an iconic impression? Well, so motorbike community, is you aware of the storm striking Fireblade adventure? Here is the elite initiative of the CBR1000RR Fireblade …

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Top 10 Safest Motorbikes in India – PartII

Hey everyone, the wait is over as today, we have our next list of top 5 safest motorbikes in India.  These user-friendly motorbikes from the top two-wheeler community surely can be your favorite choices the next time you wish to procure a motorcycle. Scroll down to get into the list …

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Top 10 Safest Motorbikes in India – PartI

Thinking of your pre-COVID days for a memorable trip to Coorg? Well, all of us in the motorbike community are missing our old days of long rides on motorbikes. Yes, a motorbike ride makes every trip an enjoyable and amazing one with no doubt. Now, various motorbike brands are rocking …

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Virtual Wheels: Motorcycle Games to Play

How would you experience a Kawasaki Ninja H2R touch it milestone 400 km/h top speed without buying it, worrying about the insurance, maintenance, speed traps, scratches, fuel, or potholes? How about trying to get hold of a Yamaha R1 and going to a scenic road to compete with a bunch …

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FMSCI Declares Stimulus Package for Indian Motorsports Community

While various plans, dreams, wishes, adventurous trips, and career ideas were listed to fill the diary of 2020, the current pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has kept a full stop. Starting from January, involving the summertime vacations during May and June, people worldwide are experiencing a tough time due to …

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Ride in Cinema: Motorcycle Movies Binge Watch List

Adrenaline packed chase sequences, the nitrous button fetish, the drift at a corner of the street, burnouts, and even ear-deafening exhaust, all these and more will always be an integral part of a biker’s life. Though riding cannot be called a male-oriented activity certainly most men would trace back their …

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