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The real price of a cheap motorcycle helmet

Real price of a cheap motorcycle helmet

Wear a cheap motorcycle helmet only if you really believe you have a cheap head! Or… If you think that your head has no value at all, don’t even bother wearing one. A flippant statement for us to make you might think, but that’s the point! A lot of bikers ...

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Ultimate Bajaj V15 Review

Bajaj V15 (Vikrant)

Bajaj V15 is one of the two brand new commuter motorbikes launched in 2016. Another new bike in the series is V. Bikes are also known under the name of Bajaj Vikrant (more on this later). Enjoy Bajaj V15 review and photos by Motorbikes India. (Click on images to see ...

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Royal Enfield Showroom Dealer in Mumbai

Motorbikes India visits Royal Enfield Showroom in Mumbai

Royal Enfield Khar Company Store is the official Royal Enfield showroom and dealer in Khar West, Mumbai. Motorbikes India visited the brand store and took some very nice photographs of latest RE motorcycles and accessories. After a successful meeting with 70emg the organizers of India Bike Week (IBW), I could ...

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[Video] What it’s like to lead a 600+ motorbikes rally

Leading 600 motorbikes rally at WMD 2016

This is a video of Philip Peters, co-founder of Motorbikes India, leading a rally of 600+ motorbikes at World Motorcycle Day 2016. He’s sitting on a back of Carl Gawli Royal Enfield motorcycle. Carl Gawli is the main organiser of WMD and other popular biking events in India. Suhas Khamkar known as ...

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