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10 Best Performing Scooters in India

While motorbikes are the heart of the two-wheeler community, you cannot ignore scooters as they form an inseparable part of the two-wheeler market. Although there are multiple launches in motorbikes day-by-day, scooters have their own set of fans, especially among young girls and working women.

Thus, it becomes essential to find a reliable scooter that can make every ride safe and comfortable. Like motorbikes, scooters can help you make your diary filled with adventurous rides and outstanding experiences.

To make your task more comfortable, we arranged a list of the top 10 best performing scooters that have marched the Indian road and are doing its best part in our everyday life.

1.     Honda Activa 6G

Have you heard of the Activa 6G yet? Well, here is Honda Activa 6G of 109cc that allows you to experience the next level of riding. Here is how 6G changes the game with advanced ESP Technology, silent start with ACG, telescopic suspension, 10% more mileage, enhanced smart tumble technology, LED DC headlamp, and programmed fuel injection method.

Mileage: 60 km/l

Price: Activa 6G STD- INR 68, 505, DLX- INR 70, 005

Color choices: Glitter Blue Metallic, Pearl Spartan Red, Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Black, Pearl Precious White, and Grey Metallic.

2.     Suzuki Access 125

The second comes to the Suzuki Access 125 scooter used as an ordinary commuter by many. Attractive feature sets include the fuel injection technology, Eco assist illumination, LED headlamp, multi-functional fuel inlet, Suzuki easy-start system, long retro seat, and special access edition.

Mileage: 52.45 km/l

Price: Drum brake- INR 72, 803, Disc brake- INR 75, 436, Special Edition- INR 77, 128

Color choices: Deep Blue, Mirage White, Sparkle Black, Platinum Silver, and Fibroin Grey.

3.     TVS Jupiter

As the next best performing scooter of the year 2020, the BS6 variant of TVS Jupiter comes up with the sporty look packed with the next generation; Eco thrust fuel injection, ETFi technology that gives a 15% good mileage driving better performance, smooth-riding, and durability.

Mileage: 56 km/l

Price: INR 63, 552

Color choices: Mystic Gold, Titanium Grey, Midnight Black, Volcano Red, Pristine White, Walnut Brown, Matte Blue, and Silver.

4.     Honda Dio

Another member of the Honda stable, Honda Dio that is the apt one for the youth for its dashing and iconic look is here that is known for its aggressive design. Dio has an outstanding HET BS6 engine with programmed FI technology that drives maximum power of 7.92 bhp and torque of 8.91 Nm.

Mileage: 55 km/l

Price: Dio STD- INR 67, 096, DLX- INR 70, 446

Color choices: Metallic Red, Grey, and Yellow.

5.     TVS Ntorq 125

Are you a racing champion who is concerned about being safe and top as well. Here is the best-in-class, Ntorq 125 from the TVS racing community known to be India’s 1st scooter with RT-Fi Race tuned Smart Connect technology. Alongside, Ntorq comes up with an air-cooled engine providing 9.38 bhp power.

Mileage: 47 km/l

Price: INR 68, 385

Color choices: Race Edition, and Race Yellow, Matte Yellow, Red, Metallic Blue, Grey, Red, and Silver.

6.     Yamaha RayZR 125

With a combination of stealthy look, aggressive cuts, Yamaha RayZR125 is all set to upgrade the riding level that you wouldn’t have experienced still. With a 125cc Fi Blue core engine, ZR125 comes up with a unified braking system, multi-function key switch, and sizeable under-seat storage.

Mileage: 66 km/l

Price: INR 69, 530

Color choices: Metallic Black and Cyan Blue.

7.     TVS Pep+

Ever knew which is India’s No.1 economical scooter that offers you better mileage and performance? It is undoubtedly Scooty Pep+ from TVS that provides best-in-class comfort, advanced eco-thrust technology, CVT transmission, and fuel injection. Pep+ is a light-weight vehicle with an air-cooled, 4-stroke cylinder engine.

Mileage: 65 km/l

Price: INR 51, 750

Color choices: Matte- Aqua, Coral, Revving Red, Glittery Gold, Frosted Black, Nero Black, and Princess Pink.

8.     Honda Grazia

Here is the best performing scooty from the Hero family: Hero Grazia, which is known for its stunning genius, bold design, and intelligent feature set like HET engine with eSP technology that uplifts performance. The multi-function switch, telescopic suspension for smooth riding, is the add-ons.

Mileage: 60 km/l

Price: INR 76, 989

Color choices: Matte Grey, Yellow, Siren Blue, and Spartan Red.

9.     TVS Scooty Zest 110

Recognized as the winner of the ZigWheels Year Award in 2014, TVS Zest 110 stands as our next best scooter of the list. The all-new zest comes up with day-time running light, anti-skid tubeless tires, stylish 3D-logo, and a powerful 110cc ETFi engine that provides the power of 7.98bhp and torque of 8.4 Nm.

Mileage: 62 km/l

Price: INR 59, 960

Color choices: Matte Purple, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, and Turquoise Blue.

10.  Hero Duet VX

Hero Duet is one of the top-performing scooters in India that is last but isn’t the least from the stable of MotoCorp. With advanced features like AHO headlamp, Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC engine, external fuel filling, integrated braking, stunning new graphics, and boot light, Hero Duet is sure the best one in the market.

Mileage: 65 km/l

Price: INR 52, 280

Color choices: Candy Red, Silver White, Panther Black, and Vernier Grey.

So, guys, you have now come to know the best performing scooters in India that we have in store, their price range, and mileage among other features. While this isn’t the end, the new versions are still yet to come. Thus, stay tuned and stay awake to get to know about them soon!

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