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10 Best Scooters of 2019 in India – Part 2

Hello riders, we are back with our last installment of the best scooters of 2019.

Are you all excited as before?

Well, among two-wheeler, scooters are one of the handiest automobiles. You cannot ignore their specs, easy-handling, comfort, and budget pricing. Hence, the top manufacturers in the scooter industry are consistently engaged in improving their sales as well as features.

Today, we shall talk about some of the best scooters from Hero, TVS, and your very own Yamaha.

Let us begin!

  1. Hero Destini 125

It is a premium range in Hero’s 125 cc engine segment. The powerful Destini 125 features a 124.6 cc single-cylinder engine. It gives a fierce competition to all its rivals, it is among the best-selling range of Hero Scooters. Its frame contains a rear hydraulic shock absorber and telescopic front forks. Hero claims the best performance ranging from its engine type to the wheel measurement of 10 inches.


Mileage 54 Km/pl

124.6 cc engine displacement

Automatic Transmission

Power 9 bhp at 6750 rpm and Torque 10 Nm at 5000 rpm

Air-cooled system

Price Range: INR 61,056 – INR 64,068



If you are also looking for a practical choice, consider this TVS WEGO scooter. It has adequate under-seat storage, body balance technology, and a variety of color options. The Synchronized Braking system helps to engage both brakes upon pulling one of the levers. Its two main variants are Standard and Dual-Tone with MF battery. The main rivals count among Honda Activa 5G, Hero Maestro Edge, and Yamaha Fascino.


Produces 8 bhp power at 7500 rpm and torque 8 Nm at 5500 rpm

109.7 cc Engine Displacement

Optional Front Disc Brake 220 mm and rear wheel drum brake 120 mm

Full Digital Speedometer

Integrated Pilot Lamp

Price Range: INR 55,823 – INR 56,775


  1. Yamaha Fascino

The Yamaha Fascino provides a historical look that is fascinating to most customers and becoming the main reason for its name among the best-selling range. The design is focusing on women riders with convenient handles, low seat, and other comfortable facilities. It comes in two main variants as Standard and Darknight Edition. Features for both the scooters are worth noting.


113 cc engine displacement

Power 7.1 PS at 7500 rpm and 8.1 Nm at 5000 rpm

Air-cooled engine system

Telescopic Front Suspension

Unit Swing Rear Suspension

Carburetor Fuel Delivery

Price Range: INR 57,523 – INR 63,320


  1. Yamaha Ray-Z

Yamaha Ray-Z is a visually appealing scooter and stands best among all. While providing a mileage between 38-40 km, the two-wheeler is an idea for small to mid-range users. A powerful and reliable engine is another best advantage of having it if you are comfortable with the mileage provided. The build quality and speed overall are very good for making the best purchase in scooters. The maximum gearbox speed is 85 km/ph and vibration after 65 km/ph.


113 cc Engine Displacement

Power 7 bhp at 7500 rpm

Torque 8.1 Nm at 5000 rpm

Air-cooled system

215 km overall riding range

Price Range: INR 52,247 onwards


  1. TVS Ntorq 125

Keeping in mind the customers’ requirements, TVS Ntorq comes up with all the upmarket features. It also got top rivals such as Honda Grazia. The highlights for TVS Ntorq include a clock, top speed recorder, lap timer and helmet, and service reminders. There are two main variants i.e., Drum and Disc. The former includes 130 mm Drum brake, whereas the latter features a 220 mm disc brake. On display, you will get an app-enabled parking locator and Bluetooth technology to pair it with Android phones.


Power 9.1 bhp at 7500 rpm

Torque 10.5 Nm at 5500 rpm

Digital IDI ignition

Automatic Clutch

124.79 cc Engine Displacement

Price Range: INR 64,632 – INR 71,532

I hope our article can help find a suitable scooter for yourself. There is a vast variety of bikes for the Indian two-wheeler community – low, mid, and high range.

So, which one is your favorite on our list, TVS, Yamaha, or Hero? We, at Motorbikes India would love to hear from you!

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