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10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

As a motorbike enthusiast, no matter which part of the world you are from, the hunger to explore different locations is never-ending. And what could be a better push if you know you don’t have to carry your favorite two-wheeler and still can have as much fun, right?

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

Well, this was the principal objective for the introduction of motorbikes rental service in most cities in India. The service was introduced to cater to the touring needs of riders who are unable to have their personal two-wheelers with them on a trip. It provides them with an unending opportunity to ride into the sunset on the rims of a two-wheeler.

So, what are the few things that you should put into consideration and check before you take a rented two-wheeler for a spin?

In the article today, we shall highlight 10 important things you must verify before hiring a motorbike.

Shall we begin?

  1. Best Price

Well, to be honest, everybody wants to get value for money for a particular service or a product, isn’t it? Some people are of the opinion that a higher price tag automatically guarantees quality, however, that isn’t quite true!

Hence before you hire a motorbike from rental services, ensure that their prices are fair enough for the services being rendered. The prices should not be unrealistically low or high as it might translate into a terrible service experience or sheer exploitation.

So, it is good to ensure that the price strikes a reasonable balance for quality.

  1. Rental Contracts

Each rental service has a varying policy and contract agreement for clients. So, before you put down a payment, ask or read the details of your agreement with the rental service. You should be filled in on details such as fueling the bike, cost of repairs in case of damage, insurance policy, and the maximum time of usage and so on.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

  1. Necessary Permits

For different regions and locations, there are a set of rules, regulations, and laws that must be followed by both tourists and residents. As a tourist, before you get on your motorbike, you ought to find about the necessary permits required for the two-wheeler community and acquire them so as to abide by their rules.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

  1. Gear Up

One of the first steps of staying safe while riding a two-wheeler is the act of kitting up with appropriate gears. Gears are safety measures that every rider must take before they decide to hit the road.

In case you forgot to carry your safety gears, ask your rental service or better, purchase some and keep as a souvenir from your trip.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

  1. Bike Type

Since India is blessed with varying terrains, and weather, it is important to make the right decision on the type of motorbike you should go for. Depending on the road conditions, the nature of touring, and the duration of the ride, select a bike that best suits the situation and provides maximum comfort.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

  1. Required Motorbike Documents

You should possess all the required road permits to be able to ride freely without being detained. You also need to acquire all the necessary documents of the bike which you have rented.

Documents such as registration of the motorbike, proof of insurance and ownership and so on might be requested by law enforcement agents.

  1. Check The Bike’s Physique

Once you have the key of your rented bike, ensure that you inspect the bike for any physical scratch, dent or cosmetic mess. It is important to point them out to the rental service agents in advance to avoid being held responsible for them when the bike is being returned.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

  1. Check The Brakes

One of the most important aspects of a motorbike which is usually responsible for several accidents are the brakes. So, before you hit the road, inspect the brakes of the two-wheeler to ascertain that they are in perfect working condition.

  1. The Tires

The wheels of a two-wheeler are the legs on which the motorbike runs hence it is important to check the threads of the tires. Ideally, tires of a rented motorbike should be new or at least close to.

Do request for a change if the threads of your rented bike seem worn out in order to avoid any trouble.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

  1. Take a Test Ride

Finally, before you accept the motorbike from the rental agency, take the bike for a short test ride to ascertain that there are no hiccups. The sound of the engine must roar effortlessly without obstruction.

If you notice any strange sound like a change of gear, faulty horns or light, request for a change of bike.

10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Motorbike

It is a soothing feel to ride a two-wheeler while on vacation, however, it is also very important to ride carefully and beware of every other variable that one might come in contact with on road. Therefore, always wear proper safety gears and carry all necessary documents no matter which part of the country or world you are traveling to.

Lastly, we hope that now you will keep in mind the above-listed points while renting a two-wheeler at your next travel destination.

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