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10 Ways to Avoid Scams on Buying or Selling Used Two-Wheeler

“Steve allowed the strangest online buyer on trust to have a test ride over his motorbike, which he was about to sell to him, but was unaware that it was a scam, and he was a thief.”

Yes, this is what happens in most cases when one tries to sell the used two-wheelers through online resources. You would be shocked to know that more than four vehicles get stolen every hour in our national capital, New Delhi. Most of these are unrecoverable.

Now, as a prior need for comfortable living a motorbike or a car is extremely important for commuting purposes. While a car is considered based on individual budget, used motorcycles, or second-hand mopeds is what comes to the thought next moment. Procure of such motorbikes might suit to lifestyle, and comes within the budget.

At present, various online websites and local dealers do such buying or selling of two-wheelers. However, you have to be aware of the scam and fraud behind the screen.

Here are our ten ways that will help you avoid those scams relating to buying or selling used two-wheelers.

  1. Be aware of ads that might be too close to be true

Advertisements are the ones that grab public attention too fast, and one might get distracted towards them quickly. It would help if you were careful when the product goes low in price compared to its typical value or in other sites. Sometimes, they could be right to make the shopping process, and if the communication with the seller is only via email, and if something goes fishy, get rid of that sale.

  1. Check the details of the buyer

If you are willing to sell your motorbike, get all details from the buyer. Make a phone call instead of contacting them in the mail, and besides license, get other proof like a passport or other ID. If they obligate or negotiate, and wish for a test-ride, strictly avoid them.

  1. Check the details of the seller

If you are buying a motorbike, enquire about the details about the seller. Ask questions much you can about their years of expertise if it is a dealership. Never reveal your identity except for your first name unless you are sure. If they ask for a meet, arrange them in busy public places.

  1. Watch out of Curbers

Curbers are a type of unlicensed sellers or retailers who sell vehicles on the only motto of making a profit. They buy vehicles, not for their use but sell them in turn to the other, and money on the other side. It helps them in avoiding the payment of taxes. This type of scam is widespread, and there is no witness because no paper trail is involved.

  1. Check the actual condition of the two-wheeler

Inspect through the vehicle whether all the motorbike accessories are in place. If it is online, ask for the front, back, both side view of the motorbike. If there is a lack of accessories like odometer, or Panigale, ask for the reason. There are times where sellers take the accessories and sell them separately, making a profit.

  1. Make sure that the two-wheeler is not stolen

Two-wheeler posted on the site can be a stolen one too. Get a detailed record of the origin, and make sure that the papers and documents related to the motorbike is a trusted one, and are not fake.

  1. Say no to cheque payments

Don’t accept cheque but go for an IMPS. Cash is also ideal if the amount is not much, and hence you can ask the buyer to make cash on delivery. Hand over the vehicle to the buyer on the successful reception of cash, and not before it.

  1. Beware of the false auction activities

This likely happens on eBay. If the seller offers a deal like grabbing a motorbike under auction, it results in scam unless you have an option “Buy it now.”

  1. Keep a witness by your side

Keep a friend with you always who can guide and assist you throughout the process. During the payment process or transfer of the motorbike documents, sign in the papers on witness presence.

  1. Meet the seller/buyer in person

Despite communication made via mail, meet the buyer/seller in person before purchasing the motorbike. Never pay the amount unless you get the vehicle in hand. Advance payments of the small deposit are fine but avoid full fee unless you take the motorbike physically.

Are you willing to sell your old motorcycle and get a new one? Have an idea of purchasing a used bike that suits your current budget?

Before going for an online option or any motorbike selling/buying parties, keep these ways in mind and make a better and safer choice.

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