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16 Hand Signals Every Biker Should Know Of

Riding a bike is never a choice, but a matter of passion, so knowing motorcycle hand signals is a must. While one may enjoy the comfort of a car, it goes without saying that bikers can kill for the breath of fresh air and gushes of wild wind.

16 Motorcycle Hand Signals

There’s a different feeling about riding a bike; It kick-starts your heart. Riding a bike pumps adrenaline in your vessels just the same way as it does with the engine. If you ride a bike once, with your heart on the edge, you are its slave forever.

Biker’s accessories are an integral part of their ride. Starting from the motorcycle helmet, hand gloves, face shield and boots; biking needs it all. For motorists, it’s imperative to follow biking etiquettes religiously. Here’s a list of 16 hand signals every biker should know of to avoid fatal road accidents.

Motorcycle hand signals infographics

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1. On Your Left
2. On Your Right
3. Wait
4. Quick, Quick, Quick
5. Hand Motion
6. Gorging-eating
7. The Refill Mantra
8. When to Stop
9. Reducing Speed
10. Quick Chase
11. Guide Them Ahead
12. Avoid Bumps
13. Tap to Stop
14. Comfort Stop
15. Go Single File
16. Double File
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There inevitably comes a moment when you have to interact within the group or with a fellow biker; in such a moment, one can rely wholeheartedly on these signals. The above are undoubtedly the best way to communicate while riding, avoid accidents and have an enthralling riding experience.

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  1. These hand signals are not followed in India. These hand signs are copied from reddit which they wrote for US where they follow right-hand traffic rules. In India we follow left hand traffic rules so, none of these signals are valid for India. I got failed in driving licence test after following these hand signals.

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