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2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review – Could It Be The Next Top Commuter Bike?

Honda Livo was introduced as an upgraded version of Dream bikes to Indian market back in 2015 by Honda. Its creation was the result of a split between two major players in the industry – Hero, and Honda. Left to start anew, Honda has come a long way, ever since parting ways with Hero and made a solid impact on the minds of Indian buyers.

The company’s roots go back to the late 1940’s when it had its humble beginnings in Japan. Since then, it has managed to become a global powerhouse in the automobiles industry and established its reputation as world’s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles. It is no secret, that the commuter range of motorcycles makes up for the biggest market share in the country. So, keeping this in mind, Honda launched Livo to give some strong competition to its counterparts.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

For a long time now, I had wanted to get a firsthand riding experience of all new upgraded version of Honda Livo. So, I called up our authorized Honda dealer, Parkash Honda, which is located in Noida and confirmed the date of the test drive. They said I could come by any day in the early hours as evenings were generally busy for them. I was happy with the schedule as days have become shorter now that the winter has arrived, and going early for the test drive would mean having more daylight to cover the shoot.

After waiting patiently for two days, I headed for the scheduled test ride on a sunny Saturday morning after confirming it one more time on the call with the manager. It was actually a relief seeing weather so clear after witnessing the city’s struggle with smog for the past few weeks. However, my contentment didn’t last much longer as just after a few minutes on the road, I found myself stuck in the middle of city traffic.

Although the destination was only 20 minutes drive from my place, it took me more than 45 minutes to get to the spot. When I finally stepped in, I was greeted by the manager himself and he told me how they had been expecting me to reach a bit earlier. After narrating my experience with the whole traffic situation, we segued into discussing the Honda bikes. When I questioned him about how Honda Livo had been doing as far as sales were concerned this year, a smile spread across his face as he answered, “much better”!

Without wasting any time further, I told him to direct me to the Livo I was meant to test drive. On finding it, he handed me the keys and in no time both the motorbike and I were out and about on the streets with our crew following us. Read on to know all about my experience behind the handlebars of the all-new 2017 Honda Livo.

Design and Colour Variants

When you take a good look at the latest Livo motorcycle, it appears like a commuter bike, only better looking than many which are available already on the market right now. Although there isn’t anything radically different about its new design, it does seem bit stylish than what Honda offered previously to its buyers in form of Dream Yuga motorbike.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

It seems like Honda has taken inspiration from positive bits of design details from the best commuter bikes out there and come up with an entire refreshing design with Livo. Take for example its headlight cowl, which seems heavily inspired by its very own Unicorn 160. The recent model of Honda Livo is made available in 6 colors – Sunset Metallic Brown, Athletic Blue Metallic, Black, Pearl Amazing White, Imperial Red Metallic and Matte Axis Grey Metallic.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

I was informed by one of the staffers, how matte black and black had been the top color choice for recent buyers. The tank of the bike looks quite muscular with sharp edges and cuts placed into the design very cleverly. There isn’t much graphics on the body except for the metallic logo of Honda placed on the tank. This ends up giving a rather neat look to the motorbike and makes it appear a high-end version of commuter bikes out there.

Performance and Handling

Looks definitely matter but ultimately it is the performance of a motorcycle which gives it the reputation of being a great bike. When it comes to commuter bikes, they have to perform every single day without complaining otherwise people lose interest and are quick to sign them off. Hence, taking it for a good road test was all I had in mind and I did just that. I made its 110cc engine do all the hard work and following is how it fared on the road.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

Honda Livo features both electric and kick-start and surprisingly started off quite smooth even when used the latter option. With a BS-IV engine and just 4 gears provided, its bottom end torque made it easier to shift them in between and keep it going at slow speeds even at the higher level in gears. It even rides very light and its slim body makes it easy to make way even in heavy traffic, which I think is a huge plus for commuters traveling in the city on an everyday basis.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

Although there were some minor jolts felt when I took it through potholes and over bumps, but suspensions overall were good enough for reducing the impact of the same. The brakes did a great job in halting the motorcycle at both low and high speeds. Apart from this, the alignment worked stupendously and made it comfortable to ride on roads both in the city and freeways. Now, this is what is expected off of an overall great commuter bike to be honest.

Top Speed

In the speed department, my expectations weren’t too high as I was aware that Honda Livo is a commuter bike inside-out and not a sports bike. Still, I wanted to push it and see whether it can hit a decent enough speed which just might surprise me. So, I zoomed towards the highway and pushed on the accelerator without any inhibitions.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

The speedometer suggests the top speed of Honda Livo to be 140 kmph and on the highway, it actually registered 88 kmph as the bike’s top speed. Even at this point the motorcycle didn’t give any signs of much strain from its end and it was only after 4-5 minutes, I knew it was time for me to go easy on it. Nevertheless, I was left impressed.

Mileage per Litre and Fuel Tank Capacity

One thing which commuter bikes are known for is going easy on your pockets when it comes to refueling their tanks. Mileage is a major concern for Indian buyers and plays a critical role in the popularity of the motorcycle. This is where it could lag behind in competition as it can hold in just 8.5 liters of fuel at once.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

However, when it comes to delivering mileage per liter, it covered a good 70kms in between low to high speed. This again is average considering many of its counterparts are covering well above 80-90 kilometers on just a liter of fuel.

Details and Specifications

The speedometer is technically split into two parts and the one on left indicates the speed while other its fuel capacity. The overall graphics have been kept minimal and nothing is overly done. There’s Honda logo placed on two sides of fuel tank apart from the name of the motorcycle on its gearbox covers on both sides. This is a refreshing take on looks from Honda as most commuter bikes have loud graphics details on them which can turn out to be an eyesore.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

The seat of Honda Livo is quite comfortable and the rider and pillion are almost matched at the level when riding the motorcycle. This is where it seems Honda doesn’t want to take any risk as most commuter bikes have their seats positioned this way and not much has changed about it as long as I can remember. Everything else from its headlamp to taillight seems like it is built to provide the exact value for every penny that it costs the buyer – nothing less and nothing more.

2017 HONDA LIVO Road Test Review

Following are overall technical details about the Honda Livo 110

  • Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled
  • Max power: 6.10 kW (8.2bhp) @ 7500 rpm
  • Max torque: 8.63Nm  @ 5500 rpm
  • Front suspension: Telescopic fork
  • Rear suspension: Spring loaded hydraulic
  • Front breaks: 130mm drum
  • Rear breaks: 130mm drum
  • Front tyre: 80/100-18 tubeless
  • Rear tyre: 80/100-18 tubeless
  • Fuel tank: 8.5 liters (both tank plus reserve)
  • Dimensions in mm: length = 2020, width = 738, height = 1099, clearance = 180
  • Kerb weight: 110 Kg

Ex-Showroom Price

For those looking to own a Honda Livo bike, they would have to shell out a mere Rs. 55,400 at an ex-showroom rate. It is quite competitive in comparison to its counterparts.

On-Road Price

After you have cleared the RTO dues, insurance, and road tax, the overall cost of the bike would add up to another Rs. 4500. So, the overall price would be somewhere around Rs. 60,000.

Other Features and Accessories

Honda only offers a key and its duplicate copy along with a toolkit in accessories. A user manual is also provided. Other items such as number plates, footrest and seat cover will have to be paid for separately.

Pros and Cons

Honda has managed to produce a very efficient bike in terms of quality and value for money when it comes to Honda Livo. However, I still feel it has room for improvement and some aspects certainly require some revamping if not complete remodeling. Following are its Pros and Cons.


  • Feasibly priced
  • Smooth and hassle free riding
  • Stylish on design


  • Not so great with mileage
  • Low capacity fuel tank
  • Suspensions and gear shift could be improved


The trend these days is rapidly shifting towards motorbikes which are faster, sharper and powerful. However, the fact remains that the majority of profit-share, at least in India comes from sales of bikes in the commuter segment. So, the stakes were high for Honda since its split from Hero seven years back. With the launch of Livo, it has certainly come back stronger than ever.

Introduced with the tagline “Time to look sharp”, the motorbike does look a sharper version of its predecessors. It manages to give stiff competition too to the likes of TVS Victor and after I’d thoroughly tested it, I knew the manager was being honest when he told me earlier that it has in fact picked up in sales. If Honda can manage to put some more effort into its gear technology and mileage efficiency, it might just have the right assembling for becoming one of the top commuter bikes in the country. But how soon that will happen? I guess we all will have to just wait and see.

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