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A Motorbike Ride to Ooty on Bajaj Avenger

“Ride, travel through the roads and explore the world”- is my favorite quote that encourages me to travel a lot in my lifetime. Travelling has become a part of my life and my motorbike has made it an unforgettable one. We together have crossed limits and broken rules that created our own adventures.

Riding a motorbike is even more adventurous during a long ride to a hill station in India. Well, I stepped out for one too on my Bajaj Avenger. Bajaj Avenger as you would all know is a cruiser known for its comfortable ride. Doesn’t it look stunning in this black and golden combination? It’s my brand-new motorbike.

The journey begins

On January 13, 2017, I along with five of my colleagues, started for Ooty on our motorbikes. We started at around 6:00 am from our hometown, Coimbatore and prepared ourselves for the 3 hours ride to Ooty. We took the NH181 for its well-maintained roads. Our target was to reach Connor at the least possible time and we headed towards it covering each kilometer at an average speed of 60 kmph on our Avenger.

The route was beautiful and clear with greenery all around us that kept us cheered up all the way. The landscape view of the hill is inexplicable.

We also stopped for some refreshments in-between towards Connor and took some nice pictures during our ride to preserve the memories of our time together. The chirping of birds along with the cool breeze under the shade of trees made our hearts melt away.

To our amusement, we were blessed with rain and we all got drenched by the time we reached Connor. We stopped by and had our breakfast at Lakshmi Hotel which had a nice ambiance. The food was lip smacking and I would definitely love to visit again.

After a quick breakfast, we started for a place called Dolphin House which was only 12km from the hotel. The mountain view from the top and the smog-bound climate was refreshing. We enjoyed some green tea up there and restarted our ride.

Thereafter, we headed towards Ooty to pine forest area. I don’t remember the distance but it was about an hour ride.

At about 11 am, we reached the spot and got our tickets to enter the forest. The forest was densely covered with pine leaf with a small lake behind the forest which was really wonderful.

You should never miss it if you plan a trip to Ooty.

At around 1 pm, we left the place to grab lunch at the Hyderabad Biryani House, that is one of the famous spots for non-veg lovers. We ordered our favorite dishes biryani, a few seafood recipes etc. After a heavy meal, we relaxed a bit beside our motorbikes and started our way to Pykara at 2 pm.

Pykara is a lake with a powerhouse in Ooty that is situated deep inside a flat surface. You have to walk a long distance through the pathway to reach the lake.

It is best to visit this lake in the rainy season as the water flow will be high. After some quick camera shots and a nice walk, we left the place at around 4 pm.

Another interesting place to visit is the Botanical Garden. We were left spellbound by the beauty and the fragrance of flowers out there.

Ooty is not only a good place to explore nature but also a famous chocolate destination. So, at around 6 pm, we started our shopping for homemade chocolates. We also purchased sweaters, jerkins, and strawberries that are listed as the best in the local shops.

We completed our shopping at Main Bazaar at around 7 pm and spent some more time walking on the streets.

At around 7.30 pm, we had our dinner at Ascot Multi Cuisine Restaurant and then headed back home.

It was already 8 in the night, so we started our ride on our Avengers and headed back to Coimbatore. While riding we could recall the moments we spent in Ooty.

We reached our hometown by 10 pm or so, a little earlier than we had planned because of less traffic. Even though it was a one-day trip, my colleagues and my Bajaj Avenger made it a memorable one.


Life is beautiful when you and your motorbike together explore new corners of the world. Isn’t it?

Coorg, the ultimate home of nature is our next trip target on our motorbikes. So stay tuned!

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