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All About Indian Motorcycle Company

Who hasn’t heard about Indian Motorcycle Company? I am sure each one of you is aware of this more than a century-old motorbike brand. Isn’t it? But do all of you know how it came into existence and the difficult times it had to face? Maybe not.

Therefore, to brush up your memories a bit, today we shall share with you a bit about its history and how it came up as one of the cult motorbike brands the world has ever witnessed.

About Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle is a leading producer, and manufacturer of motorbikes that includes cruiser, midsize, bagger, and touring motorbikes. They have created a streak of legacies in their long existence in the motorbike community. Although it is known as Indian Motorcycle and is based on India’s traditional styling, it’s origin reigns in Springfield, United States. It is America’s first motorcycle company!

Growth in India

Indian Motorcycle’s parent company is Polaris. After a long successful travel, Polaris Industries, an off-road vehicle maker announced the takeover of Indian Motorcycle in April 2011. Since then, various alterations were made in their products but with similar appearance and styling. Currently, it aims to grow by 60-70 percent and has decided to extend its dealership in four outlets that include Dehradun, Jaipur, Cochin, and Guwahati. Soon, we will be able to see their famous Scouts and Roadmaster Elite on Indian roads too.

Brief History

The history of Indian Motorcycle goes back to the year 1897 with George M. Hendee, a former bicycle racer, and champion who founded a company called “Hendee Manufacturing Company”. The company produced bicycle brands “Silver King” and “Silver Queen” under American Indian brand.

In 1900, Oscar Hedstrom united with Hendee and they both expanded their company in parts of Connecticut and Middletown. Indian Motorcycle has come a long way from selling its first motorcycle to a retail customer in 1901, thereafter participating and winning endurance races to prove its durability and strength on road.

The brand also played a huge part in 1917 during WWI and provided the U.S. Military with almost 50,000 units during the war. Most of these models were based on Indian Powerplus models.

1920’s were very important years for Indian Motorcycle as they introduced their first Scout models to the general public. In 1923, Hendee Manufacturing Company became Indian Motocycle Company (no “r” was used in motorcycle).

Du Pont Motors merged with Indian Motorcycle in 1930 and was able to manufacture bicycles, air conditioners, and aircraft engines. Indian Motorcycle continued to see success even during the great depression years of 1930’s and kept innovating new technology to make their products better.

In the 1940s, during WWII, Indian Motorcycle produced fewer models for consumers as they majorly worked for the French and the U.S. Military. Thereafter, it continued its work on producing better models each day and had fairly captured the motorbike market.

In 1999 the Indian Motorcycle Company was merged with nine companies including IMCOA licensing America and California Motorbike Company. However, once again it faced a difficult time and was on the verge of extinction in 2003 when it completely went bankrupt. During this time, Stellican Ltd., a London based private equity firm came to its rescue and set up the Indian Motorcycle manufacturing unit in North Carolina.

Finally, Polaris acquired the Indian Motorcycle Company from Stellican in 2011 and since then it has never looked back.

Motorbike Accessories and Apparel

Besides motorbikes, Indian Motorcycle has its own motorbike accessory shop and gears that constitute high-quality exhaust, luggage’s, wheels and tyres.

You can see the details and shop from:

What’s more? Well, the Indian Motorcycle Company has its own apparel showroom as well, as it is damn interesting. It includes head tie, jeans, shirt, vest, gloves, footwear, casual wear, Indian Motorcycle badges and a lot more.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, do visit:

The Indian Motorcycle Club

A motorbike manufacturing company with its own motorbike club? Yes, you heard it right!

The Indian Motorcycle Company also has its own motorbike club wherein the riders meet up and organise social and cultural events across the U.S.

“Each and every rider of this group have their own membership and is considered as an ideal of Indian Motorcycle club.” It is a lifelong commitment.

Well, to sum up, we would say, Indian Motorcycle is definitely a motorbike community in itself. It has everything that a motorbike rider would need, from motorbike accessories to motorbike gears, events, community, club, apparel, the list is endless.

In the upcoming articles, we will talk about some exclusive new launch by Indian Motorcycle in 2018. So, do watch out this space for more about this iconic motorbike manufacturing company.

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