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All You Need to Know About the TVS Ethanol Powered Motorbikes

So, who all knows what Ethanol powered motorbikes are?

Well, it all started due to the mandatory action taken by the present government for all the two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing companies.

The government pushed the automobile industry to look for environmentally friendly options.

Ethanol powered motorbikes is a new term coined by the Indian motorbike giant TVS Apache. They have for the first time introduced Ethanol Powered motorcycles (Apache RTR 200 FI 4V E100) for the Indian motorbike industry. TVS showcased the bikes in the 2016 Auto Expo for the first time.

It is available at the cost of INR 1.2 lakh in UP, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. TVS is waiting to get a valid response from the users.

How it differs from conventional motorbikes?

If we talk about its design, the TVS Apache Ethanol motorcycles are somewhat similar to its counterparts. The significant difference is in terms of ethanol-powered fueling as compared to that of petrol and using a green decal on the outer body.

It gets further divided into two components: E100 and E80.

E100 refers to motorbikes with 100 percent of Ethanol, (mainly for the areas with a temperature of 15 degrees or more).

E80 uses 80 percent of Ethanol and 20 percent of petrol useful for regions with a colder atmosphere for a smooth performance.


What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is a chemical compound manufactured using plant residues such as sugarcane sorghum and molasses. It is bio-degradable, non-toxic, easy to transport and store as produced from renewable plant resources. These are a much cleaner option than fossil fuels.

Ethanol gets oxygenated by 35 percent oxygen, in other words, less carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide emission. Also, the blend of Ethanol and Petrol is capable of reducing hydrocarbon emission.

Expense comparison to Petrol

Well, the cost depends on how commercially Ethanol gets manufactured. However, as per the review and estimation are given by TVS, it might cost as low as 62 percent of the petrol cost.

Availability of Ethanol in India

When we already mentioned that Ethanol gets manufactured from the waste residue of Sugarcane products, we talk about ethanol production. In terms of Sugarcane production, India ranks 2nd after Brazil. However, to date, there is no significant commercialization of Ethanol.

Well, the government now is making every effort to enhance the availability of Ethanol, starting with the Sugarcane belts. This move will not only assist the two-wheeler or other sections but will be quite helpful to the farmers as well.

Now, more details about this Ethanol Powered Motorbike

I know that you must be waiting to get to know more about these unique motorbikes from TVS. So let’s talk about its specifications straightway.

Well, besides giving a boost to the green revolution in motorbike community, it boasts of various features that genuinely capture the eye of motorbike users.

Performance: Its fuel injection system has a MAP sensor and IACV (Idling Air Control Valve). Its air-cooled chamber provides much support to reduce heat mapping. The optimal layout has a Cradle Chassis and KYB suspension system.

Styling: Inspired by racing graphics with white body color mixed with green decals, the Ethanol Apache’s have a dynamic theme. The motorbikes also come with an interactive speedometer, aggressive headlamps, split seating arrangement, and tank cowl.


  • It has a 197.75 cc four-stroked oil-cooled engine with 15.46 KW power and 18.1 NM of torque capacity,

  • Electric start with a five-speed gearbox that gives the maximum speeding of around 129 km/hr,
  • Further, equipped with tubeless tires, disc type front, and rear brakes with DOT 3-4 brake fluid.
  • Fuel capacity: 12 L,
  • LWH combination is of 2050 mm X 790 mm X 1105 mm that gives it 180 mm of ground clearance with 1353 mm of wheelbase.

Final Verdict

The ethanol bikes of TVS have a modern look, give excellent performance and most importantly are an inspirational source for the motorbike industry to go for better greener initiatives.

Well, TVS made a marvelous effort to put forth the Ethanol powered bikes and assist the new generation in fighting against pollution and harmful gas emissions.

So, will you hold the hand of many other and march towards a pollution-free society?

Better now, than never.

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