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Ana Carrasco: The First Woman World Motorbike Champion

Hailing from Spain, Ana Carrasco took home the 2018 World Supersport 300 title on a Kawasaki Ninja 400. She is the first female solo motorbike racing world champ!

Honestly, I can’t wait to give you a breakdown of how she got here, it only gets interesting!

So, keep scrolling.


Ana Carrasco Gabarron was brought into this world on 10th March 1997 in Murcia village in Southeastern Spain. She was born into a motorcycle-based family. Ana’s father, Alfonso Carrasco, used to be a mechanic to renowned world Superbike champion Jose David de Gea.

Such exposure to bike racing had Ana looking up to Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner. She went to a high school in her hometown while training to become a force to reckon with in the bike racing sport. Ana pursued a bachelor’s degree in Law at a Catholic university, also in her hometown, as from September 2015.

Ana started riding very young. When she was three years old, she played on her big sister’s mini-bike, who didn’t like it as much. Riding at an early age, got her competing at age 4. Mr. Carrasco and Jose were her directors back then.


Her first win was in the Bancaja Championship in 2005 followed by coming position 2 in a Territorial competition in Andalucía in 2006.

At 12, she got crowned the first of her kind to win the five-round 125 cc Speed Championship.

Followed by the six-event 125 cc Murcia-Pre-GP Championship title as the first woman to beat the odds in this category.

At 13 Ana was now able to take part in the competitions legally and started racing in the International Championship in 125 cc category. She was the first of her kind to score points in the series coming at position 16.

In 2012, she did trial-rides on Team LaGlisse’s Honda NSF250R awaiting racing competitions in 2013. While here, Ana set the pace for Spanish women in the Superbike competitions scene by finishing 6th for the pre-opening round at Jerez Circuit.

Afterward, Carrasco scored two more points finishing at 11th and 12th positions respectively. She finished 19th place in the Championship racing taking home 20 points.

In the last quarter of 2012, the lass joined JHK Laglisse.

She raced on a KTM motorcycle during the World Championship – Moto3 in 2013. She was the first one of her kind to participate in this category. It wasn’t easy for her to score and maintain good results in the first season.

However, Ana managed to get incredible finish points in the race. She finished at position 15 in the International Circuit race at Sepang. This was her shining moment as the first-of-her-kind to get points racing in Grand Prix after Katja Poensgen in 2001.

Ana Carrasco completed her first public racing season having scored 9 points and coming at position 21 in the final Championship competitions.


RW Racing announced that Ana Carrasco, had agreed to race using their bike brand for 2014 Moto3 season. Being determined to touch the sky, she raced in 14/18 races. Race number 12 was her best performed lap at the Italian-German motorbike competition despite not being ranked. She didn’t participate in the last four rounds because her sponsors run out of funds to support her.

In the last quarter of 2014, Ana went to be part of the RBA racing 2015 team. Unfortunately, she was forced to pullout from the race-training session because of a collarbone fracture, just when the race was around the corner.

Another accident occurred when Ana collided with Maria Herrera during the German superbike competitions. She was badly hurt in her left shoulder that she was operated at the University Hospital in Barcelona. On recovery, she didn’t have any success in racing and this carried on till 2017.

The Comeback

Ana took a risk and joined the World Supersport 300 Championship, which was newly formed, for its first-ever season in 2017. She rode a Kawasaki Superbike during the competition.

For starters, she finished 10th in the competition. It was an uphill climb from here with her attaining 26 points. Carrasco was racing 3rd when she rode her way to 1st place, passing the two riders that were in front of her, in the last round. This was her first major win as a female in Superbike racing.

In the first quarter of 2018, Carrasco was awarded a Golden Penguin which she dedicated to her friend Luis Salom, who passed on in motorbike accident in June 2016.

Clearly this lass is a pace-setter in the superbike racing community. Losing some races, accidents, financial and gender constraints didn’t distract her from being the first-of-her-kind rider to take home a motorbike world win. She is now in Barcelona preparing for this year’s racing competition. Ana is set to touch the sky in this male-dominated motorcycle racing sport.

Go girl!

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