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Aprilia SR 125 Review

Aprilia is an Italian manufacturer of racing motorcycles, the company enjoyed success throughout its run. Aprilia has won over 294 Grand Prix races and 54 world titles, 38 of which are in Road Racing World Championship. Having asserted their dominance in the world of racing, Aprilia now looks to take over the world of scooters. They have poured their championship-winning knowledge, design and engineering prowess to make the ultimate scooter: The SR 125 2018.

Aprilia SR 125 Review

Aprilia already had high expectations with the SR 150, which was named ‘Scooter of the Year’. So, does the SR 125 matchup, let’s check it out!


Aprilia SR 125 Review

A close examination of the SR 125 reveals a resemblance to the SR 150. The size, shape, and body panels are identical to its popular predecessor. The raised grab handles and swooping side panels meeting sharply at the taillights, along with a 14-inch alloy wheel are all hallmarks of the SF150 that have been passed on to the SR 125.

Aprilia SR 125 Review

The body maintains the sleek, chic urban design of the SR 150, but with one difference: A longer seat. The longer seat is an accessory that grants style and comfort at the same time. SR 125’s body is painted in different colors including blue and silver. Overall, the SR 125 has a sleek, modern and neat look perfect for the cities. Its double barrel headlight and hydraulic double-telescopic fork suspension complete its contemporary look.

Aprilia SR 125 Review

Users have praised the solid design of the scooter, claiming they were unable to feel any vibration despite going top speeds.

Aprilia SR 125 Review


The engine reaches 9.65PS at 7,250rpm with a torque 9.9Nm at 6,250rpm. This translates to a top speed of about 100-110 km/h. Those who have experimented with the scooter claim that most of the power was in the mid to top-end. This is ideal for highways and congested roads of the city.

Aprilia SR 125 Review

The SR 125 CC engine may not be as fast as more pricey models but it’s definitely more economical. The engine works well, able to reach top speeds without any strain or feeling of breathlessness.

The SR 125 also sports a twin pod analog unit for speedometer, fuel gauge, and odometer as well.

Handling and Dynamics

The SR 125 handles well and makes tight corners with ease. The ease in handling is due to the tyres, which are made of Vee Rubber. Hence, tyres have superior surface GRP which enables the easy tight corners. The scooter features a narrow footboard area, making it easy to ‘tuck in’ giving riders more confidence in the ability to take the tight turns. Some users have praised the scooter because it does not feel too top-heavy in terms of handling.

Aprilia SR 125 Review

User Reviews

Some riders have taken the SR 125 on a test run and have come away with positive impressions. The website gives the latest offering from Aprilia 4.9 out of 5.

  • Anurag gives the SR 125 a 5-star rating explaining that he had a hard time moving onto another one.
  • Balasubrahmanyam M also gave the SR 125 a 5-star rating and gave particular praise to the scooter’s braking system. He went on to explain that everything about the scooter from the design to the engine was “A+ grade”.
  • Arnab voiced our own thoughts on the SR-125, stating that it was perfect for those who were looking to get into scooting.


The Aprilia SR 125 is the perfect entry-level scooter for the Indian market. It is perfectly well-suited for those who are not looking for the bells and whistles of sporty scooters. The Aprilia SR 125 eschews fancy design for performance. The scooter excels on the streets and highways because it handles well on moderate to higher speeds.

Aprilia SR 125 Review

However, it should be noted that the SR 125 costs Rs 65,626 which is only 4,000 rupees cheaper than the SR-150. This means that some people might be willing to pay the extra cost for a higher end scooter.

Thus, this article reviewed the Aprilia SR 125 in all aspects including design, engine, and handling. On the whole, we feel the scooter is an excellent addition to the Indian market. It is a great alternative to those who are new to scooters, due to the SR 125’s focus on performance.  New users will have an easy learning curve with the SF-125 compared to other scooters. Furthermore, the economically effective engine makes it more palatable to more frugal customers who prefer efficiency over speed.

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