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Bajaj and KTM Working on Two-Wheeler Electric Bikes

The EV revolution in the auto world has brought together Bajaj and its Austrian subsidiary KTM in developing an electric powered scooter. Bajaj, the India based automaker already has a prototype developed but is still testing, sparking interest in the two-wheeler community.

What is an EV, and how does it work?

EV, short for Electric Vehicles, refers to a mode of powering vehicles that is safe for the environment.

Vehicle emissions have been at the forefront of promoting global pollution, thus causing destruction in the environment and encouraging global warming. With Electric Vehicles, this will be a thing of the past. They use electricity. But how?

Working much like your mobile phone, Electric Vehicles, motorbikes included and all two-wheeler alike, will be powered by a battery. As a result, you will have to charge them and keep them charged for you to use them.

Electric motorbikes in India

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It all began with the industrial revolution. The change was brought about by the need for mass production. Today, there is once again the need for change. This time it’s in India’s automotive industry.

The call for green energy has been aired all around, and the Indian government has been more than responsive. It has in its plan to order public commuter companies like Uber and Ola to adopt a gradual transition to Electric Vehicles as of 2021 to 2024. And this is just the start.

By 2026, the newly imposed rule will not allow for the selling of non-EVs, including motorbikes and scooters. In light of this, the Indian automaker Bajaj has begun making strides towards securing the future of electric powered two-wheelers.

“We are developing prototypes across the bay; however, what will come out first is a question that we will be addressing very shortly. But it should happen this year. We are quite keen on electric auto motors. It is an important development for the future, and we prepare to learn from this development as it unfolds.” Rakesh Sharma, Bajaj Auto’s Executive Director, told the Economic Times.

It is thus a confirmation that the two, Bajaj and KTM, are working toward developing a 48 V electric vehicle platform. These products will develop in India. However, the target is beyond just India.

EVs made by Bajaj automaker will seek to serve the local two-wheeler community with affordable models, but those derived from the partner KTM will be developed with interest to compete in the international markets. Technical specifications for the Indian market are unavailable for now. However, the 48 V platform will most likely feature power outputs of up to 10 KW.

KTM first hinted on exploring the electric scooter market back in the year 2013 when the E-Speed scooter concept showcased at the Tokyo Motor show.

Taking a look at the E-Speed concept, India’s electric scooter will undoubtedly hold a classy feel with an urban theme that will seek to flaunt its technological prowess. It will mainly be enhanced by LED lighting, a touch screen control pad, fingerprint security scanners, and who knows what else.

So, with the sighting of various Bajaj urban scooter prototypes around the city, both electrical and petroleum-based versions, there is a good chance of these electric powered machines to appear between early or late next year. But if you believe the grapevine, they could be in the market as soon as the end of this year.

The general appearance and mode of operation will focus on an enhanced battery saving capacity. From the streamlined shaping to maximizing the use of LEDs, the electric motorbikes will need to have excellent battery life.

Therefore, with the government pushing towards the realization of an electrified transport environment, the Bajaj-KTM cooperation will seek to capitalize on it, even as KTM seeks to have its first model rolled out by 2022.

With the rumors of the government about to place a ban on all sub-150 cc scooters and motorbikes, the future of an electric powered two-wheeler community is nearing its dawn. And even though there is no site of EVs availability in the country, when Elon Musk opened up pre-orders for the Tesla 3 in India, it was a sign that the transport system is undoubtedly changing.

Therefore, it is time for you and your fellow two-wheeler community to embrace the advancements of EVs in the country.

So, share this information widely so that even those new to the motorbike mode of transport don’t get caught off guard.

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