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Bajaj Chetak Vs. Ather 450

The electric two-wheeler industry is ramping up quickly in our country. We see big brands like Bajaj, TVS, etc., launch multiple electric scooters at a reasonable price.

And why not? After all, e-scooters are a great way to help the environment without compromising on style, speed, and comfort.

Now with so many electric vehicles to choose from, it is highly likely to get confused in terms of their battery, capacity, range, and other features.

Thus, today, to ease your pain, we will discuss two immensely popular electric scooters- Bajaj Chetak and Ather 450.

So, the riders of the two-wheeler community, are you ready to take the plunge?



  • Chetak proudly wears a metal body with its original Chetak design.
  • The retro-style scooter has little upward body panels with a round-shaped headlamp and turns indicator.
  • LED units have been used in headlamp and taillamp while the instrument console is fully digital.

Ather 450

  • The new electric scooter Ather 450, comes with super connectivity and a few intelligent features.
  • The scooter offers a range of 75 Km riding range, a colored touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, and a few other smart features.



  • The maximum power generated by Bajaj Chetak is 4080 W with a peak torque of 16 Nm.
  • The electric two-wheeler gives you a range of 95 Km/charge with a DC motor attached to it.
  • It has a combi braking system with a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear.
  • The vehicle comes only with a self-start mechanism and steel metal chassis.
  • Chetak also has leading-link suspension at the front and Mono-shock suspension at the back.
  • LED Headlamp and Taillight along with LED turn signal lamp.

Ather 450

  • Powered by 5.4KW electric motor, Ather gives an optimum torque of 20.5Nm.
  • It gives you a range of 80Km/charge with a BLDC motor.
  • It has a combi braking system with disc brake at both ends.
  • The self-start feature is a boon for impatient riders.
  • There is a telescopic suspension in the front and aluminum swingarm mono-shock at the rear.
  • LED headlamp and tail light.



  • Lithium fixed battery with 3 KWh units attached.
  • After its full charge, Chetak can ride for 95 Km.
  • It takes a charging time of 5 hours.
  • You can charge the e-scooter only via the supplied charging cable.

Ather 450

  • Ather 450 has a Lithium-ion fixed battery with 2.7KWh has been provided.
  • After a full charge, Ather gives a range of 75Km.
  • Charging time is more than Chetak- 5 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The brand will set up new fast-charging infrastructures for an accessible charging point.
  • With a minute charge, the scooter can run for an hour.



  • It has a single seat with a digital console system.
  • Trip meter, Odometer, Speedometer, all have a digital specification.
  • The e-scooter comes with a charging point and a low battery indicator.
  • Passenger footrest has been given and also has under-seat storage.
  • The vehicle also has a day time running lamp with a carry hook.

Ather 450

  • Ather 450 also comes with a single seat with a 7-inch touch screen instrument console.
  • Trip-meter, odometer, battery gauge, navigation is digital.
  • Every Ather Grid location has charging points that charge at a rate of 1Km/minute.
  • For comfort, the electric scooter also has foot-rest.
  • It is not a heavy vehicle and very convenient in city traffic.



  • Bajaj used alloy wheels along with tubeless tires on the Chetak.
  • The size of both the front and rear wheel is 12-inch.
  • The front tire measures- 90/90-12 and the rear tire- 90/90-12.

Ather 450

  • 12-inch alloy wheel on both front and rear.
  • The tubeless tire measure 90/90-12 each.


  • For Rs. 1 lakh, Bajaj Chetak electric gives you the feel of the same old scooter with new design and innovation.
  • On the other hand, Ather 450 priced at 1.24 lakh has super connectivity with intelligent features.
  • Chetak gives more range in lesser charging time than Ather 450.

Overall, both the e-scooters are excellent as per their specification and design.

So, don’t just wait, if you are thinking of going electric, book a test ride right away and take home the Bajaj or the Ather 450.

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