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Bajaj Pulsar – The Top-Selling Mid-Range Motorbikes in India

Many of you would remember going for a spin on your dad’s Bajaj scooter as a kid, right? Well, those days didn’t have KTM Duke or Avenger, but a ‘Hamara Bajaj’ tagline. Wherever you look, you could find a Bajaj scooter; and that was all you needed.

Bajaj is an unmatched brand for the Indian two-wheeler community in terms of its popularity and reliability.

At present, Bajaj has eight Pulsar models, and today, we will overview all of them.

So, if you are a bike enthusiast, and a Pulsar fan, keep reading.

  1. Pulsar 150

Design: Commuter bike with a muscular look and excellent fuel efficiency. Headlamps with 35/35 W with two pilot lamps and auto lamps features.

Technology: Four strokes with 2-Valve and twin spark DTSi Technology.

Suspension: Telescopic with anti-friction bush and five adjustable nitrox shockers.

Dimension: 2055 mm in length, 1060 mm in height and 755 mm in width.

Brakes: It has disk brakes in front and drum brakes in the rear.

Tire: Tubeless tires.

Model: Single-channel ABS fitment

Mileage: 65 km/l

Colour: Black-grey, black-red, black-blue, neon red, neon yellow, neon silver

Weight: 144 Kg

Mechanism: Self and Kickstart.

Price: Rs.84,461 and Rs. 88,339 for Twin disc ABS (ex-showroom).

Customer’s Review: Pulsar 150 is affordable, value for money, good mileage, low maintenance charge, low-cost budget bike, good looking sports bike.

2. Pulsar 125 Neon

Design: It looks similar to Pulsar 150 Neon with the same layout and body panel. It boasts a light beam for all speed with a great facility of day-night visibility with a sporty look

Engine: 125cc single-cylinder unit and a shorter stroke.

Technology: DTSi with 12 bhp and an exact 11 Nm of peak torque.

Suspensions: Double cradle unit in telephonic front forks and twin gas charges dampers at the rear.

Dimension: 2055 mm in length, 1060 mm in height, 755 mm in width.

Brakes: Disc brake with 240 mm

Tire: Tubeless with anti-skid technology.

Mileage: 62 km/l

Colours: Neon Blue, Neon Red, Neon Silver

Weight: light, agile, and easy to park

Price: Rs. 66,000 (ex-showroom).

Review: Good low and mid-range bike, decent riding option, reduced maintenance, and affordable sporty motorbike.

  1. Pulsar 150 Neon

One of the shades of Neon edition Pulsar 150 Neon gives you a new thrill while on the road.

Design: The new Neon pulsar 150 has a lively style with a sporty appeal. The colour of the bike co-ordinates with its headlamps, logo smash panel, and tail. The logo gives a 3D effect, and its premium sporty looks can’t go unnoticeable.

Engine: Single cylinder, 2-Valve twin spark engine giving a power of 14 PS @8000 rpm and 13.4 NM @ 6000 rpm.

Technology: DTSi Technology with kick and self- start

Stroke: 4 strokes

Suspension: Telescopic suspension with anti-friction bush and nitrox shocker

Dimension: 2055 mm in length, 1060 mm in height, and 755 mm in width.

Brakes: 240 mm front disc brake and 130 mm rear disc brake.

Tires: Tubeless tires.

Colours: Yellow, red, and silver.

Mileage: 65 km/l

Weight: 144 kg

Price: Rs.75,200 (ex-showroom).

Review: Good mileage, powerful engine, affordable bike, good riding experience.

  1. Pulsar 180F Neon

The commuted based motorcycle was a revelation to the Indian market. The style and other modern techniques increased its demand in the Indian market.

Design: The design is semi-digital with aircraft-type fuel tan, projector LED headlamp and a step seat. It is made of premium material to provide extra comfort to the rider.

Engine: Single cylinder 178.6 cc with an air-cooled engine

Technology: DTSi and ExhausTEC Technology

Stroke: Four Strokes

Suspension: Telescopic suspension with anti-friction bush and nitrox shocker

Dimension: 2035 mm in length, 1115 mm in height and 765 mm in width

Brakes: 260 mm front disc brake and 230 mm rear disc brakes

Colours: Black Red and Neon Orange

Tire: Tubeless.

Mileage: 45 km/l

Weight: 146 kg

Price: Rs. 94,790 (ex-showroom).

Review: Engine is excellent and similar to 220F Pulsar, it is cheap to maintain.

  1. Pulsar 220F

One of the fastest bikes famous for its performance, affordability, and look.

Design: Identical design to Pulsar 150 and 180, Pulsar 220F has a muscular fuel tank with a 3D Pulsar logo. It gets a projected headlamp, windscreen, and stylish rear-view mirror. The tail section is sporty with split seats and twin strip LED tail light.

Engine: 220 cc oil-cooled single-cylinder with a twin spark engine

Technology: DTSi Technology with 21 bhp of power and 19 Nm torque.

Stroke: 62 mm

Suspension: Telescopic 37 mm of front fork suspension with anti-friction bush

Dimension: 2040 mm in length, 750 mm in width, and 1165 mm in height.

Brakes: 260 mm front disc brakes and 230 mm rear disc brakes.

Colours: Laser Black, Dyno Red, Nuclear Blue, Chrome Black

Mileage: 40 km/l

Weight: 155 kg

Price: Rs 1.08 lakh (ex-showroom).

Review: Performance is excellent.

  1. Pulsar NS160

A premium bike in terms of price and features similar in design to NS200 with a difference of smaller tires.

Design: Aggressive and sporty look due to the muscular tank.

Engine: 160.3 cc, 4-stroke bike.

Technology: DTSi engine giving 15.2 BHP peak power and 14.6 NM of peak torque.

Stroke: Four Stroke bike

Suspension: Nitrox rear suspension to maintain a stable riding position.

Dimension: 2012 mm in length, 803.5 mm in width, and 1060 mm in height.

Brakes: Hydraulic and ventilated disc brakes.

Colours: Blue, grey, red.

Mileage: 45 km/l

Weight: 142 kg

Price: Rs.82,400 (ex-showroom).

Review: It has a trackable engine. Good for riding and handling it. Affordable spare parts.

  1. Pulsar NS200

The decreasing demand for AS200 and AS150 and the consistent need for its sibling 200 cc made the bike manufacturer launch Bajaj Pulsar 200NS again in the Indian market.

Now, 200NS Pulsar is available under the company’s new nomenclature.

Design: Looks like a street fighter with aggressive riding position due to its rear-set foot-pegs and handlebars, tank extension, a belly pan. It has an auto headlamp feature.

Engine: BS-IV technology delivers 17.28 KW raw power.

Dimension: 2017 mm in length, 1195 mm in width and 804 mm in height.

Technology: DTSi Technology.

Stroke: Four-stroke single-cylinder bike.

Suspension: Nitrox charged mono-shock suspension with nine adjustment settings in the suspension level, of which one is the softest and ninth is the hardest.

Brakes: 300 mm of front disc and 230 mm of rear disc brake with the ultra-safe braking feature.

Mileage: 35-36.1 km/l

Colours: Graphite Black, Mirage White, Red

Weight: 154 Kg

Price: Rs. 1.13 lakh (ex-showroom).

Review: Six-speed gearbox, low maintenance cost, aggressive stance.

  1. Pulsar RS200

The first fully-faired motorcycle from Bajaj Motorcycle is the RS200. Its compact sports bike design and clip-on handlebars marked it as the fastest bike from the pulsar range model.

Design: An aggressive riding bike with a sporty look that gives you a slightly upright position suitable for the mild journey.

Engine: With an engine of 199.5 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder. It gives you a power of 23.17 bhp and a peak torque of 18.3 NM output.

Technology: DTSi Technology

Stroke: 49 mm stroke.

Suspension: Monoshock suspension

Dimension: 2000 mm in length, 765 mm in width, and 1114 mm in height.

Brakes: 300 mm of front disc brakes and 230 mm of rear disc brakes.

Colours: Graphite Black, Racing Red, Racing Blue

Mileage: 35 km/l

Weight: 164 kg

Price: Rs. 1.42 lakh (ex-showroom).

Review: Engine is good. Sleek gear-box, and low maintenance.

With an affordable price tag, the Bajaj Pulsar range is a sweet offering to the motorbike community. These easy to maintain, durable and customer-friendly motorbikes are special for Indian roads.

So, which Pulsar is your favorite, and why?  Do let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more such articles this month.

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