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This is how he turned Bajaj Pulsar 150 in to a high-end sports bike

Shubham Pramod Banginwar is 21 years old, but young age didn’t stop him from founding his owns motorcycle repair and tuning company Called Beast Motors. His signature motorbike is called B3.1. It uses Bajaj Pulsar 150 as a base, but has specifications of a high-end sports bike. For example it accelerates to 100km in only 7.5 seconds, while standard Pulsar 150 takes over 19 seconds! And that’s while improving the mileage per litre.


Bajaj Pulsar 150 Beast Motors B3.1
Stock Bike Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bajaj Pulsar 150
Engine CC 149 cc 168 cc
Torque 12 Nm 16.5 ps
Power 15 bhp 18 bhp
Top speed 110 kmph 132 kmph
Acceleration to 100kmh 19.4 sec 7.5 sec
Milage 65 kmpl 68 kmpl
Upgardes N/A Engine rebuild and retuned. Torque, speed, accleration improved. Power and milage upgraded. Valves, valve seat, spark plugs material changed to irridium alloy. Bore high quality chrome plated. Front suspension spring heat treated. Gear changer spring heat treated.
Designer and Engineer N/A Shubham Pramod Banginwar, founder of Beast Motors

We’ve asked Shubham to share his story of how he build the incredible B3.1 motorcycle (author’s styling and spelling preserved).

Shubham and his B3.1 motorcycle

Shubham, can you please tell our readers about yourself.

I’m a mechanical engineer who lives in a small city called Digras in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. At 12 I learned to ride a motorcycle at 18 I got my first motorcycle.

B3.1 motorcycle

How did you get into motorcycles?

From the start I loved these machines and I also was amazed by their working mechanisms. I learn motorcycle dynamics and parts on early age of 14 when I used to stop by mechanic shops and stay there for hours and learned the skill of motorcycle repairing.

B3.1 motorcycle is an upgraded Bajaj Pulsar 150

After I learnt repairing bikes I got to know about various flaws in nearly every motorcycle company including Bajaj, Honda and Hero. And then I did polytechnic in mechanical where I learnt professionally about various ways to remove those flaws. Also I learnt their safety and what stuff to do and what to avoid in a design.

Also while these days I got to learn about public requirements and about youth needs.

Shubham and B3.1 motorcycle

Why did you decide to do this project and build the B3.1 motorcycle?

As said before I got my motorcycle when I was 18. It was a Bajaj Pulsar 150. As soon as I got it. I started doing some research about it and being one of the most successful 150cc motorcycle in the world I felt some flaws and I also felt that company was not extracting all the power that the engine can developed.

So at first I started doing various experiments over the bike. And after a few months I got a proper combination of parts to get what I wanted. First I increased the milage upto 75kmpl. It was unbelievable but I proved it to various people with good knowledge of motorcycles. Then I boosted the power and torque upto 16 and 17.5 and still churned out 68kmpl  but as you know until and unless your beast doesn’t look sexy You won’t get responses. So then I decided to do some basic aesthetic upgrades. I could have done much more but I decided to do basic aesthetic upgrades and reduce its effect on performance.

What’s the biggest difference of B3.1 from the standard bike and how does it benefit a rider?

See the difference between them you wont be able to understand unless you drive it. Still nearly everything is upgraded in my street fighter B3.1 and its far in front of Pulsar 150.

The biggest difference in them is that B3.1 much more powerfull, much faster and looks much greater and also it is more sturdy. It’s top speed is 130 and can reach that in 16 seconds but we limit the speeds at 120 and the bike does that in only 14.5 seconds.

In that time the Pulsar doesn’t even reach 100. Also another difference is the feel you get while riding due to its riding posture and sporty exhaust sound.

What was the biggest obstacle when you developed the bike?

In a country like India where people still don’t believe in aftermarket motorcycle or custom motorcycle or motorcycle it was really tough for us to make people believe on what we said. Even professionals like showroom mechanics or shopkeepers and even our professors didn’t believe on what we said. But that was all unless they took a ride on the beast and also felt what magic we do in Beast Motors.

Rear view or B3.1 (Bajaj Pulsar 150)

Also for me it was tough to fing right and good quality aftermarket parts for such a low displacement motorcycle.

Also it was tough for me to manage the company with doing college regularly and even many times I had to skip the classes and do the work. But I loved it so I did it. Passion is everything.

Do you feel you achieved something great by building the B3.1 motorbike?

See I don’t see achievements as achievements because all the people I see as my role models say stay hungry stay foolish. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Nicola Tesla are my role models. Following their steps has always been great. Anyway some of my achievements are when I published my project as a college project. Another was when various people drove B3.1 and I saw their facial expression change positively. Another achievement is I fall in love with the beast every time I drive it.

Above all, the great achievement is when I saw in my parents eyes and they felt more achieved that I felt.

Another achievement was when various magzine and pages wrote about Beast Motors.

Who would you like to thank for their help?

First of all I would like to thank my dad Pramod Banginwar for constantly supporting me and guiding me and then my mom Manju Banginwar for  loving me and supporting me and allowing me to skip the college even when college had complaints about it.

I would also like to thank my professors from Babasaheb Naik college of engineering and dr.N.P. Hirani of polytechnic for guiding me and supporting me and allowing me to use workshops overtime. Especially I would like to thank our hod dr. Avinash Wankhade for supporting me in all conditions for my research and also allowing me to skip college whenever needed. I would also like to thank prof. A.N. Boob for their support. And at last I would thank mr. Salim who taught me everything I know about motorcycles. At last I would also like to thank my friends for their support.

Where can people find more about you, Beast Motors and B3.1?

Shubham Bramod Banginwar, founder of Beast Motors

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