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California Superbike School India — Attendee Feedback

What better way to review the California Superbike School 2013 than via feed back from a rider. We asked feed back questions to Mr. Abhay Verma — CSS attendee for the 2nd year in a row…

1. You’ve attended California Superbike School for two years in a row, how has the experience been?

The experience has been amazing – it helps you learn things you knew existed in a motorcyclist’s handbook, but never tried them on track. It is an eye-opener and a must for everyone who loves riding fast on a race track. Within a weekend I am certain I shaved off at least 5 seconds from my lap times.

2. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself pre CSS and post CSS?

Pre-CSS – 4 out of 10 on track. Post-CSS – 8 out of 10.

3. You’ve raced prior to your CSS training. Have you had the opportunity to apply your CSS training in a race? How has it benefitted you?

No, unfortunately I haven’t raced even once after I attended the CSS, but I am sure it’ll help a lot.

4. Can you say your riding has improved a lot post the two CSS sessions?

Yes, it has improved a lot over the past year – the two CSS sessions have made me a lot more composed and confident on track.

5. Which aspect of your riding do you think has improved dramatically post CSS?

My ability to look at a corner and plan the entry, apex and exit points has been my biggest gain – it allows me to focus without target fixation, and without getting distracted about other riders/happenings on track.

6. The CSS has been extremely popular and the training fee has also increased dramatically. From Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000, do you think the price hike is justified?

The price hike I think is justified, given the costs involved in getting the entire set-up ready, ensuring things run flawlessly over the weekends, bringing down the coaches and CSS team down from the UK/USA to India and so on. It is a huge logistical exercise. Besides that, the school is the very best in the world, and good things come at a price, no?

7. Do you think being physically fit is extremely important when it comes to racing and getting the best lap times?

Extremely important. That is one of the basic needs of being able to ride a motorcycle fast on a race track and being in control of it.

8. Of the few Indian training schools that are held at the race track, you think any of them come close to the CSS? Kindly elaborate.

None, simply because its too early in the day for these schools. They need to spend more time learning the organizing bit, but yes, the day isn’t too far away.

9. Give us a brief idea on the schedule that you had during the CSS. Any particular (physical) training that you had to undergo?

No physical training required, but the weekend is pretty taxing since you spend a lot of time riding on the track – this is no less than a full-fledged work-out since at a race track you are exercising your body way more than your average ride. Essentially, the fitter the rider the better it is on a race track.

10. Being an automobile aficionado which India bike according to you would be best for on track use?

Of the current lot, the Yamaha YZF-R15 and Kawasaki Ninja 250R are the best motorcycles to cut your teeth on, as far as riding on track are concerned.

So that’s a positive thumbs up for the CSS facility. find out how you can attend via the link below –

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  1. Rahil Peerzade trying to get in touch with css but couldnt able to get through it..please help me through the procedure .. thank you

    • If you get no luck via the phone (they are busy boys!), e-mail [email protected]
      If this fails, get in touch with Performance Racing (see their banner on MI) as they are an associate of CSS.

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