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Caring for your Motorbike during Lockdown

Hopefully, all you, motorbike enthusiasts, are safe at home during the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Well, India announced a 21-day lockdown period on 24th March 2020. In this crucial time, your cooperation is a must. After all, there would be no solution except social distancing to cope up with Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, has particularly mentioned to increase social distancing and decrease emotional distancing.

Thus, you have to decrease this emotional distance with your vehicles also. For a rider, a motorbike is a crucial part of life, besides just an adventure buddy.

So, it’s better not to let your motorbike get damaged in these 21 days lockdown period. Hence, we have come up with some simple yet must-do tasks to care for your motorcycle during the lockdown.

Here are the ten tips to keep yourself busy while caring for your motorbike.

Full tank – Ideally, fuel should be topped up, as air in the system attracts moisture (water), which can cause damage in long term storage. It is particularly crucial for Ethanol fueled bikes, which can suffer some bio growths in the system.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much fuel, start the bike up on occasion to circulate the fuel (once a week should be fine for a couple of minutes) DON’T do this indoors!

Battery disconnection –This may be worthwhile, but if you plan to start your bike on an occasion, it is probably best kept with the battery connected.

Save those tyres– If lockdown proves to extend, move your motorcycle slightly on occasion so that it sits on a different area of the tyre.

Disc corrosion– If your two-wheeler is outside and exposed to moisture, brake disk surfaces can rust. When you next use your bike, be conscious that the rust will inhibit breaking slightly during the first part of the first ride.

Safety first – Ideally, store your bike outside. If you need to store it inside, turn the fuel off, don’t start it indoors, remove the keys and make sure it is safely protected and well supported such that small children are not at risk of injury.

If your area is lucky enough to have some space to ride your bike without breaching lockdown laws, even a short run in your back yard should keep everything well-oiled and decay-free, ready for that long-awaited freedom of the open road!

Know inner mechanism- We must say if you are a professional motorcyclist and didn’t get enough time to know your bike, here’s the chance! Do not take it too deeply, but what you can do is get knowledge of its inner workings.

If you can know the functions of individual pieces, you will get better in your motorcycle maintenance.

Note: If you are not comfortable in the slight opening of the bike, skip the tip.

Center-stand parking- Well, it’s always a recommendation to center-stand your bike while parking, and the 21 days lockdown period mainly makes it come true. This manner ensures the safety of oil so that it won’t strain on either side of the engine chamber. It also weighs less on tyres and keeps the posture balanced.

Protect the carburetor fuel system – Our next tip is to drain the carb if your motorbike consists of the carburetor fuel system. To do this, turn off the fuel’s switch, run the engine while keeping it idle for a few minutes. It will let the carb fuel run out of your system in a motorbike.

Cold Water – We recommend you rinse your motorbike with cold water. The task is essential to loosen all the dirt out of your vehicle and let it look smarter. Take this lockdown period as a high-time to freshen up your motorbike.

After the process is complete, you will observe how easy the cleaning task is in further situations. If you are using a hose, don’t put too much pressure as it may damage the sensitive parts.

Also, remember to start the rinsing procedure only after your vehicle cools down.

Final Touch- You can apply lubricants and wax to provide the final touch. After washing and cleaning are over, invest some time in post-wash care. Take some wax and apply it to appropriate places. To rub it smoothly, use a dry cloth. Also, don’t forget to lubricate the chain on your bike.

You can apply lubricant on areas such as suspension, brake or clutch lever points, fasteners, folding pegs, and keyholes.

So, this was our little advice on how you can take care of your motorcycle during the Coronavirus lockdown period.

Lastly, don’t go out of your home, instead make a productive relationship with the motorbike.

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