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New motorbikes, new bike models reviews and latest launches and announcements.

Bajaj Auto – History & Growth

The second-biggest vehicle industry in India, Bajaj Auto, has managed the Indian avenues for over 60 years. The automobile company came into existence in the year 1945 as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Ltd. The biggest maker in the portion of the bike, Bajaj Auto, started selling motorcycles and three-wheelers …

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Jawa Perak – What’s New?

Classic Legends motorcycle company has maintained its legacy for its iconic motorbike, “Jawa Perak.” One of the legendary innovations which bike lover’s dream of, Jawa has rightly described the Perak as: The bike of a dream, Die-hard bike lovers beam, Won a heroic race, Jawa’s legendary base, European’s air loom, …

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