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City Driving Tips for Two-Wheeler Riders

Well, I am sure you all would agree that the roads are quite busy and bustling nowadays. Hence, two-wheeler riders have to be extra cautious during long-distance traveling or commuting.

Now, many people highly prefer two-wheeler than cars or public transport. It’s because of two-wheelers easy to drive facility. However, two-wheelers face more than 23% of deaths in the world while riding.

It’s a terrible feeling even to imagine a collision between the truck and a two-wheeler. The part that injures more is the head and the lower limb, the most sensitive parts of a human body.

Thus, you must drive in control, especially when on busy roads, and follow some tips as mentioned below to get a smooth and safe riding experience.

1) Value your safety

A severe accident can be life-threatening. Remember, your family members are waiting for you at home. So, make sure to get a safe ride by protecting yourself. Please don’t wear a helmet for the sake of following rule but because it protects you from fatal accidents. Choose a durable helmet that will protect your head, eyes, and jaws. Be smart and protect yourself from any potential injury. Your safety is in your hands.

2) Maintain a distance

Maintaining a little distance from the other vehicles will keep you safe with collisions. Driving at high speed and applying brake is risky. It may throw you from the bike. Also, make sure there is enough space before overtaking any vehicle. Do not overtake on places like bridges, junctions, and areas around a school. Moreover, never pass from the left side of any vehicle. Always move ahead of another vehicle after decreasing your motorbike speed.

3) Follow traffic rules

Traffic rules benefit in many ways to control the efficient flow of traffic. It helps in avoiding accidents. To save your life and others as well while driving, following traffic rules is a must. Give the right signals while taking a turn. Keep an eye on other vehicle’s indicators as well.

4) Driving at the right gear

In slow traffic, it is better to ride at gear 2 or 3. If the road is straight and no traffic is there, you can drive at gear 4. Use the clutch for regulating your speed.

5) Check the condition of your two-wheeler

Your vehicle must be in good condition. Thus, check if there is any damage in the tire, the horn is working fine, and headlight is functioning well or not. Regular servicing is essential for a vehicle. Some parts require fixing and replacement.

6) Stay safe from obstacles

It doesn’t matter how smooth a road is in a city. One can find the stone, pothole, speed breakers, and many obstacles. Be alert from those obstacles and stray dogs. In India, plenty of accidents occur due to stray dogs when the rider tries to save them and avoid a collision.

7) Control speed

Riding at high speed can lead to severe injury if you have an accident. Urban areas are congested as traffic is everywhere. So, look as far as you can and not only to the vehicle close to you while riding. It is advisable to drive between the speed of 20-50 km/h depending on the road traffic. Also, leave your home early to avoid any delay. Do not be hurry to reach your destination.

8) Assume others are immature

This assumption will help you with riding because you will be ready to face the worst possible things. Dealing with immature riders is hard because they don’t ride in a disciplined way. Be prepared if you find any person crazily riding a two-wheeler. Let him go first before you.

9) Buy a two-wheeler insurance policy

Ever thought, what will you do if your motorbike crash or gets stolen? It would be best if you buy a two-wheeler insurance policy to protect it from unknown dangers. It will cover the cost incurred in the damage of your vehicle and your medical expenses. There are a vast number of companies that provide insurance, but you must compare their policy benefits before purchasing.

To conclude, even a well-trained motorbike rider isn’t safe in today’s crowded world, so every two-wheeler enthusiast should follow the tips given above and traffic rules to a tee.

We promise the entire two-wheeler community to get an enjoyable and happy riding experience if all of you follow the tips curated for you.

Lastly, drive patiently and take care of your bike, yourself, and fellow riders.

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