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Comparison between BS6 Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter Classic

Scooters have been quite popular since ages. At one time, Bajaj Scooters was a monarch in India. However, in 1980, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha started a silent revolution of gearless scooters to the two-wheeler community of India.

You will be surprised to know that more than 50 lakh people daily search for more than 50 models of gearless scooters through websites and other mediums.

Honda’s recently launched Activa BS6 model and the TVS’s Jupiter Classic are direct rivals.

We, through our article below, will compare both the scooters based on price, specifications, and a few other features. So, let us begin to roll!

Design: Design plays a vital role in the case of gearless scooters. The design and looks of the bike are the first impressions towards a functional and attractive vehicle.

Activa BS6 6G

  • The overall look is similar to its sibling Activa 5G with minor cosmetic features to justify its price.
  • It has an LED daylight in the front.
  • A fully-digital instrument panel with mirrors at both ends.
  • The tail lamp has a new design with a side-stand indicator.
  • The new Activa comes with an external fuel cap which was earlier under its seat.
  • The single-seat gives you a look of comfort.

TVS Jupiter Classic

  • It has a unique cover and a stylist windshield.
  • Round chrome-shaped mirrors on both sides.
  • A cushioned backrest for comfortable seating.

  • The two-wheeler comes with a USB charger.
  • Jupiter has a dual-tone comfortable seat and a classic speedometer.
  • It also comes with a classy pillion handle for flexible movement.

Engine: The engine is the leading equipment on which we decide the performance of any two-wheeler.

Activa BS6 6G

  • It has a 124 cc fan-cooled 4-stroke engine.
  • Comes with BS-VI compliance.
  • The maximum power generated is 8.29 PS at 6,500 rpm.
  • The scooter gets a single cylinder.
  • The stroke volume is 63.1 mm
  • Fuel type is petrol
  • Gears are of CVT.

TVS Jupiter Classic

  • It comes with a 109.7 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke engine.
  • BS-VI compliance with one cylinder.
  • The power generated is 7.9 PS at 7,500 rpm.
  • It has a petrol engine.
  • The gears are CVT.

Brakes, Chassis, and Suspension: These are three main parts of any vehicle after its engine.

  • Any vehicle needs to stop and move forward, which is done by brakes.
  • Chassis is a framework that helps build the structure of a scooter.
  • Lastly, the suspensions support the weight of a vehicle helping it to move smoothly.

Activa BS6 6G

  • Activa has a combi braking system.
  • Drum brake at the front and back.
  • The chassis is under-bone.
  • The front has a telescopic suspension and the rear an adjustable hydraulic suspension.

TVS Jupiter Classic

  • The Jupiter Classic has a synchronized braking system.
  • Disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear.
  • High rigidity under-bone chassis.
  • It has telescopic suspension at the front and mono-shock suspension at the back.

Instrument panel– The instrument panel tells the rider about the speed, fuel used/left, and other features.

Activa BS6 6G

  • It has an analog console with an analog odometer, trip meter, and speedometer.
  • LED headlamp and tail lamp.
  • There is a seat opening indicator.
  • Active 6G also has turning blinkers.

TVS Jupiter Classic

  • The console with odometer, speedometer, and trip-meter is analog.
  • LED taillights and headlamp.
  • The turn signal lamp is a bulb.
  • It also has a pilot lamp.

Dimensions and fuel capacity: The aspect includes seat height, length, breadth of a two-wheeler.

Activa BS6 6G

  • The length of Activa 6G is 1833 mm.
  • Height is 1156 mm.
  • The clearance from the ground is 171 mm.
  • Width of the scooter is 696 mm.
  • Fuel tank capacity provided is 5.3 L.

TVS Jupiter Classic

  • Jupiter is 1834 mm in length
  • Height- 1115 mm
  • Ground clearance- 150 mm
  • Width- 650 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity- 5 L

Tires: Now, let us know about the tires used in Activa 6G and Jupiter Classic.

Activa BS6 6G

  • Sheet Metal pressed wheels.
  • Tubeless tires.
  • 12-inch wheel in the front and 10-inch at the rear.

TVS Jupiter Classic

  • Alloy wheels.
  • Tubeless tires.
  • Both wheels are 12-inch in size.

Color: Activa 6G is available in six colors, whereas Jupiter Classic in three shades.

Price: Honda Activa 6G price is Rs. 63,912 (ex-showroom) and TVS Jupiter Classic is Rs. 54,349 (ex-showroom).

So, which ones of the above beauties will be a new entrant in your garage this year, the Jupiter from TVS or the all-time favorite Active?

Well, we hope that the above comparisons will be a big help for you to select the better two-wheeler for a safe, budget-friendly, and stylish ride.

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