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The award-winning custom bagger builder shop

So, what do you do on a sunny September weekend…especially after it’s been raining for damn near a week? You do JUST what Kelly and I did…you get outta town on a killer weekend roadtrip!

custom bagger builder shop - 3

We’d gotten a party invite from our friend Mike so we pointed our wheels down Columbus way and went to check out the 1st Annual “Capitol City Smokeout”; a bigtime bike show over at Evil Iron Customs, the award-winning custom bagger builder shop.

custom bagger builder shop - 4

The Evil Iron Customs shop is located in the country, just a touch below Columbus, in the quiet little burg of Canal Winchester. Nothing like locating your shop out in the wilds of Ohio, down a driveway a country mile long next to a cornfield! No worries, though; my trusty GPS, Hildegard, found the party place with no trouble!

custom bagger builder shop - 5

This event was billed as an “All Classes” Bike Show event and there were some interesting bikes on the grounds but the STARS of this shindig were some SERIOUS baggers, as you can see from da photos. There were vendors and a band on hand and a SERIOUSLY pretty Jesse James Bourbon Girl workin’ the bar but it was the “contests” I’ve never seen done at a bike show before that caught MY attention! Contests like the people seeing who’s the BEST dancer was by dancing on their $1000 plus custom-made seats while jammin’ tunes from their SERIOUS megabuck stereo systems. The “flamin’” show…shooting flames from their custom made and wired-up exhaust systems was a real “Hot Pipes” moment. It reminded me of a few lowrider car shows I’ve been to out West. Still, that’s what “custom”, 2-wheels or more, is all about….doing it different than anybody else.

custom bagger builder shop - 6

At da end of the day the trophies were passed out and everybody headed out to the after-event party. Kelly and I stopped by but we decided to check out a local biker bar called “Jilly’s” that had been recommended by a friend of ours.

custom bagger builder shop - 1

We found out we’d met the owner earlier at the show when he came up to introduce himself and welcome us to his place. We had a GREAT barmaid, made some new friends, Hell, Kelly even got offered some bacon wrapped and jalapeno’ stuffed hot dogs from an admiring customer!

custom bagger builder shop - 2

We drank a couple of libations, passed out some of our Internet Radio Show freebies then headed back to our hotel to finish making plans for Kelly’s very first ever visit to the AMA Motorcycle Museum the next day. But more about THAT trip next time. Don’t forget to come visit us on the Internet highway. Just dial into the “Hairy George and The Usual Suspects Show” for Music, Mayhem and MORE….every Tuesday and Thursday, 5-8PM Eastern, at:

Till next time ya’ll keep it between da ditches!


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