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Detailed Review – KTM RC390

Formerly known as KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, KTM AG is a premier motorcycle and motorbike accessory manufacturer based in Austria. The company has a long history as it first opened in 1934 creating motorcycles for its host nation in WWII. However, the company restructured in 1992 and remerged as KTM AG.

Detailed Review - KTM RC390

Since, the restructure, KTM AG is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The company has sold more than 100,000 units in both off-road and street motorbikes last year. KTM AG’s long history and dedication to quality make their motorcycles one of the most anticipated in the market.

With that in mind, let us take a look at their latest offering – KTM RC390.

Detailed Review - KTM RC390

To provide a detailed review, we will assess KTM RC390 based on its look, seating, engine specifications, and riding experience.


The first thing you notice about any motorbike is its look. Frankly, we love KTM RC390’s look.

The frame is molded from stainless steel in the trellis frame. Hence, it gives a sporty, streamlined look, the type of look that makes eyes turn. The style is perfect for the off-road, sporty purpose of the bike KTM RC390. Combined with a bright orange look, the frame is perfect for the sporty and the streamlined look its designers must have intended.

We can imagine the motorbike capturing the attention of bystanders as it moves down the street.

Detailed Review - KTM RC390


Seating is often an underrated part of a motorbike. Lots of attention goes into the engine (as it should), but we feel seating deserves just as much attention. After all, the rider is going to be sitting for hours on end while riding. Its important for the seat to be comfortable because it’s a crucial part of the experience.

The RC390 seat is 820mm tall and is sculpted for maximum comfort. We certainly felt the improvement over other models from KTM AG and it is going to be much more comfortable than its predecessors.

Detailed Review - KTM RC390


KTM AG made some modifications to the engine, to improve fuel efficiency over older models like Duke. One of these improvements is the wire-for-transfer mechanism. Ride-by-wire removes the connection between the throttle bodies and a throttle. Hence, when you open the throttle, the ECU will read the position to ascertain what the rider wants to do. Therefore, the bike can accurately gauge how much fuel is injected into the combustion chamber.

The end result is that the ride-by-wire system makes the KTM RC 390 more fuel efficient.

Detailed Review - KTM RC390

Riding Experience

When testing the KTM RC390 we found a versatile motorbike for off-road and on-road conditions. The motorcycle works seamlessly on different conditions. Both the engine and clutch handling is smooth for the rider, and turning around corners was a joy. Smooth clutch operation even lends itself well to short-shifting and lazy gears, which is great if you are stuck in traffic. This is perfect for riders who ride across a variety of conditions ranging from city streets to wide open roads.

User Reviews

We love the KTC RC390 but what did the motorbike community think about it? So, we did our own research to find out.

  • Ashok gave the RC390 a 5-star rating praising its amazing speed (it hits 190kmph) and an awesome riding experience. Ashok further notes that the bike is perfect for youngsters.
  • Pritam Mihara gave another 5-star rating stating the bike is his bike of choice.
  • Adnan stated that he really wanted to own the bike because it looks amazing, is easy to maintain and comfortable to ride.

Overall, users are more than ecstatic about the RC390.

Detailed Review - KTM RC390

After taking a look at the RC390 and the community’s response, we can safely say that the bike is going to thrive in the two-wheeler market. The RC390 offers so much versatility for the average rider, making it possible to go off-road and through the city. It has a fantastic sporty look, a responsive engine with smooth handling and a comfortable seat.

KTM AG certainly has brought a fantastic new addition to the Indian two-wheeler market.


INR 2,25,300 to INR 2,39,507

KTM is known as one of the top off-road and city motorbikes. The company’s latest addition, the RC390 will continue that legacy. The RC390 reviewed well in our books due to its excellent design, well-made engine and comfortable riding experience. We are also confident that others will feel the same as we do.

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