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Dirt Motorbike Riding

What is Dirt Motorbike?

Well, dirt motorbikes are designed for off-road biking. Off-road areas like muddy lanes and hills require specially designed bikes that can power through rough, uneven terrain.  Hence, their common use in off-road/adventure trips. Dirt bike riding for off-road adventures is fun because it is a grand tour that takes you cross-country. You will see regions of a country that you will never see in your daily life or even in a tourism advertisement.

You should know that a dirt bike trip requires lots of planning. There are organizations in the motorbike community like Ride Expeditions that handle the logistical details and provide riders tips on what to bring. However, if you are planning a dirt bike riding trip, there are some things you need to know.

Dirt Motorbike Riding

How Dirt Riding is Different from others?

Riding off-road is completely different from on-road riding. The first point of difference is the motorbikes. Dirt bikes are built differently from street motorbikes thus riders need to be prepared appropriately.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is your posture. When riding a dirt bike, you need to sit forward on the bike and shift your weight onto the foot pegs.

Dirt Motorbike Riding

  • Secondly, you need to squeeze the bike using your knees because it is easier to tilt and turn the bike. Your elbows should be high and away from your body because it gives you more power turns and it is easier to control after losing traction.
  • Thirdly, dirt bikes have a very different clutch system compared to cars and motorbikes. Hence, riders need time to become familiar with the system.
  • Finally, there is a chance that both bike and rider can get damaged when riding on rough, uneven terrain.  Therefore, you need to have the right equipment, and enough of experience before going on a ride.

What are the Essentials Needed for a Dirt Motorbike Ride?

Dirt Motorbike Riding

Before you embark on a dirt motorbike ride you need to have the right motorbike accessory and equipment. Off-road trips are physically demanding, and you are going to remote places where facilities are scarce. You don’t want to be dependent on others if you are injured or your motorbike is damaged.  Hence, there are a number of items you should have with you before embarking on a dirt road ride.

Items you Must Carry for Yourself:

  • Backpack – To store your clothes, especially when going on a multi-day trip.
  • Protective Kit – To protect your body when riding.
  • Hydration Pack – Riding a bike can be a sweaty business so keep a pack to refill your liquid.
  • First Aid Kit – Off-road riding runs the risk of injuries, so a small kit can be very useful in such situations.
  • High-Quality Gear – You need the best helmet and boots you can possibly afford. 85% of biking accidents occur below the waist and you need to protect your head. So make sure to keep your feet and head safe.
  • Spare Change of Clothes – A must for multi-day rides. You don’t want to be staying on your bike clothes after 8 hours on the road.
  • Clean but Familiar Riding Kit – You need to wear a kit that is not too old and neither is brand new.
  • Camping Kit – If you are going to a remote area, then you will need a suitable camping kit.

Dirt Motorbike Riding

Items Necessary for your Bike:

  • Spare Engine Oil – Dirt bikes need an oil change after every 8 hours of riding. It is an easy process but you need to carry spare oil.
  • Spare Parts – Certain parts like gear levers, tyres are prone to damage. Keeping parts in spare goes a long way in reducing headaches.
  • Latex Gloves – To perform any maintenance checks, you need a pair of protective gloves to keep your fingers safe.
  • Trail Riding Kit – The kit consists of hose clips, split links, grommets, washers, plugs and anything else you need to keep your bike together.
  • Toolkit – The toolkit consists of screwdrivers, spanners, and tyre levers. You never know when you have to perform repairs and maintenance mid-trip.

Dirt Motorbike Riding

It is always adventurous to be on a dirt motorbike, and if you are well prepared, then you are bound to enjoy every moment of it. We hope that the article above will help you prepare well enough for your next dirt motorbike ride with your friends.

Do let us know if you have ever been on a dirt motorbike, we would love to hear from you!

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