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Gemopai Launches India’s First Social Distancing Electric Scooter, Miso

When is that one last comfortable ride of yours that happen during this pandemic of COVID-19? Is your answer oscillating because you didn’t have one?

While all new editions from top motorbike communities like Royal Enfield and Hero are filing the showrooms, electric scooters make their own space. One such outstanding initiate is Miso from Gemopai.

Yes, Gemopai has introduced Miso, the mini electric bike into the motorbike community, on June 26th of 2020. It is found and recognized to be India’s foremost societal hostility electric scooter.

As we are all conscious of the current epidemic condition prevailing worldwide, one must ensure social distancing and a safe ride. It sets to be the main reason behind the foundation, and introduction of Miso says, Amit Raj Singh, Gemopai Electric Co-founder during the launch on June 26th, 2020, Friday. “The current pandemic circumstance has affected lifestyle and company practices. We are facing a great battle between business, life, and matching them. For daily commutating, micro-mobility is the finest and secure option where Miso is the key for a stress-free trip and a top traveler for not to get trapped in traffic,” adds, Amit.

Gemopai, a cooperative endeavor amid Goreen E-mobility, and Opai Electric are listed among the pinnacle ones in building up electric two-wheelers all over the world. They have further signed shared speculation agreements in budding 2W E-models for the Indian marketplace.


  • Miso can obtain a maximum speed of 25-35 km/h driven by a motor rated power of 250W.
  • The overall dimension of this electric scooter is 1500*620*1060.
  • The climbing ability of Miso is 18 degrees.
  • The vehicle weighs up to 45 kg; hence it is a light-one suitable for every adult one.
  • It has a detachable Li-Ion battery with a 48 Volt capacity, 17.5 AH equipped in Miso that can charge to 90% in just 2 hours with which one can envelop up to 75 km on a sole full charge.
  • A charger case of 54. 6 volts, 4 A comes with the e-bike to facilitate the charging.
  • The 16-inch tubeless tires in Miso ensure long-travel suspension.
  • Besides, there is an LED display speedometer.
  • Another plus point with Miso is as the speed is limited to 25 km/h, you don’t require factors like License and RTO, while insurance is optional.

Design and Color

Missing your childhood days of riding a motorcycle along with friends? With Miso, you will not.

Miso makers followed an elegant and slim design technology locally fabricated except for the imported battery modules.

It has a Hexa Headlamp presented in the front to facilitate secure riding in a dark setting and an LED gauge.

Miso will be up for sale with four shade choices that are bright and vibrant, as shown in the image below. Deep sky blue, sunset orange, luscious green, and fiery red are the color options that, no doubt, will attract public intention towards your electric scooter.

Alongside this electric scooter has two variants, one of which is with a stuff carter that can carry up to 120kg.

Price and Bookings

Take a look at this single-seat, an attractive electric scooter that makes your every ride comfortable, available for you now at Rs. 44, 000.

The pre-bookings are already on by the company on their official website (

Gemopai will be selling its new heartthrob across its 60 dealerships starting this month, i.e., July of 2020. Another strong reason to watch out for this e-bike is the company offer of a 3-year free of charge service wrap up for all Miso customers.

There are two-wheeler loans also on offer available for this e-scooter at the dealership showrooms.

So, if you are looking out for such an electric scooter for a long time to avoid getting late to the office due to traffic at peak time, Miso will be the ultimate answer. Get a safe, environment-friendly, and comfortable ride with Miso. What’s more? Well, as an inaugural offer, you will get a discount of Rs. 2,000 on all pre-bookings.

So, please don’t waste time looking for more, book your ride now in Gemopai’s official website ( and stay tuned for more updates with Motorbikes India.

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