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Get Big Discount on Harley Davidson Motorbikes

Do you wish to own a Harley Davidson motorbike? Well, if yes, then there is a golden opportunity for you.

For a few limited demo motorbikes, individual dealerships of Harley Davidson are giving a massive discount of up to INR 3.67 lakh.

Surprised? Well, I know this news will make you read this article again and again. Honestly, even I could not believe my ears when I got to know about this offer from one of my friends.

Undoubtedly, this will be an excellent chance for all who ever dreamed of riding on Harley Davidson motorbike.

So, why is Harley giving a huge discount and on what types of motorbikes?

Read further to know all this and much more.

Some of the famous motorbikes offered on discount include:

  • Fat Boy,
  • Fat Bob,
  • Street Bob,
  • Street Rod from 2017, and
  • Street 750 from 2018.

Here are some of the essential points to note concerning the discount offer:

  • At the moment, only a limited number of dealerships in Mumbai is offering such discounts.  So, if you want to own one of the above beautiful bikes, then be fast enough not to lose this opportunity.
  • Also, to note is that the deal is for a limited period, and only a few bikes will cover the discount.
  • The discount amount will range from 1.08 lakh INR on Street versions to 3.67 lakh INR on Fat Boy motorbikes.

So, go through Harley’s demo motorbike specifications in detail, and as per your requirement, select the motorbike types you want to go for with the discount offer.

Now, why is Harley Davidson offering such a huge discount on these specific motorbikes?

Well, these motorbikes are unregistered and have traveled a few km during the demo session.

However, in reality, although they are used, you will be its first owner.

A reiteration- the offer is applicable for its Mumbai location and not for India as a whole, although not yet officially announced by Harley Davidson group.

To make your job easier, here is the name of one of the dealerships- Seven Islands, Mumbai that is open with this offer.

Harley dealership will also provide you with easy EMIs of 36 to 60 months of duration. So, taking a two-wheeler loan or financing will not be an issue for you at all.

Moreover, you will be the owner of these unique demo motorbikes from Harley Davidson.

For all those who are still thinking scratching their head on the offer, I must say, do not keep sitting around. Grab this offer before it expires.

If finance is a problem, don’t worry we have your back.

Many of you might recall a similar offer that was made by Triumph Motorcycles dealership in Jaipur. They gave a whopping 6.65 lakh discount on their demo motorbikes till the 30th of June.

So, if you regret missing the Triumph offer and are looking for a similar discount on demo motorbikes, then do not miss this chance. It is once is a lifetime opportunity as fate does not always knock at the door.

Don’t keep lying on your couch fellow riders, get set, and go for the demo Harley Davidson motorbikes before the offer expires!

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