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Get your Two-wheeler Insurance with Coverfox

Hello readers! It is yet another good news for all of you. Now no need to look here and there for your two-wheeler insurance. Your favorite online motorbike magazine – Motorbikes India and the leader in the insurance marketplace -Coverfox have joined hands to provide the quickest and the easiest way to get two-wheeler insurance.

Well, here is everything that you need to know about Coverfox.

Coverfox is an Online Insurance Broker Startup which has a clear goal of making insurance quick, easy and with one motive of outfoxing the risk. Coverfox plans the best deal for you by giving you all the relevant and appropriate information online.

It is true that every motorbike rider nowadays is smart, however, you would agree that selecting the right insurance cover would make them even smarter. But how to choose the best insurance cover amongst so many online portals?

This is where Coverfox comes into the picture. It makes the apt online search for your need and helps you compare a list of motorbike insurance covers, analyze their benefits and then choose the best plan in a single click. All this while you are sitting comfortably in your seat.

Get your Two-wheeler Insurance with Coverfox

I must say that it is a smart way for you to choose and buy your two-wheeler insurance plan. Thus you can cover the risk of an unprecedented event and keep all your worries at bay with Coverfox.

Coverfox is headquartered in Mumbai and was founded in 2013 by Varun Dua and Davendar Rane.

You will be delighted to know some of the positive features of Coverfox:

  • Almost all the top insurance brand offer their insurance coverage through Coverfox;
  • 80% of the customers take less than 3 minutes to insure their two-wheeler.
  • There is no need for inspection;
  • Easy and instant renewals;
  • 25 insurers and over 100+ products;
  • Immediate delivery;
  • Quick online payment mode;
  • After sales service;
  • Licensed by IRDAI;
  • It has an inbuilt motorbike insurance calculator;
  • You can also find out two-wheeler IDV.

Coverfox has around 100 employees who work round the clock to ensure that they provide a comprehensive guide to all its customers. They have a dedicated, skilled and supportive management team. Just last year, Coverfox sold over 5 lakh policies through its online platform. Lastly, it has a great after sales team network ready to help you at any time.

Get your Two-wheeler Insurance with Coverfox

To sum up, I would like to say, that the MI team as your guide to the motorbike community want to make sure that you get the best of everything right here on this platform.

So don’t think twice, click here to get an instant motorbike or two-wheeler insurance.

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