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G.O.D.S – The Delhi Superbike Club

In the previous article, we shared some interesting facts about motorbike clubs. Today we will cover one of the most popular motorbike clubs in the country. This exclusive group is called G.O.D.S (Group of Delhi Superbikers) and they’re based in Delhi.

G.O.D.S - The Delhi Superbike Club

G.O.D.S was formed over 20 years back in the year 1998, by Dr Arun Theraja and one more motorbike enthusiast who wanted to create a troop of people passionate about superbikes and responsible riding. Over the years, it has become the place where some of the most mature people of the motorbiking society, hailing from various background, come together to share their passion of riding and become an integral part of the motorbike community. The group currently has a strength of over 70 and is still growing.

G.O.D.S - The Delhi Superbike Club

They’ve been a part of some of the biggest events in the Indian motorbike industry:

  • Harley Davidson Headquarters opening, 2010;
  • Times Global Village, DCE – Delhi, 2007;
  • Ducati Showroom and Workshop launch, 2010;
  • LORDS Noida Rally, 2010;
  • Harley’s first-ever showroom opening, 2010;
  • Auto Expo, 2018;
  • IBW 2017 etc.

The G.O.D.S team are also frequent travellers and with their love for superbikes, they have covered almost all kinds of terrain be it in India or abroad. Their national trips include both the desert and the hills ranging from Mandawa & Khimsar in Rajasthan to Nainital & Mussorie (George Everest Peak) in U.K to Leh/Ladakh and much more.

Their fascinating international trips include a large part of Europe like the recent GAIT 2017 that covered Italy including Valentino Rossi’s village – Tavullia, France, Switzerland, Rome, London, and some parts of Russia which includes Moscow & St Petersberg.

Not only long trips but G.O.D.S members also make sure to tag along for shorter rides once a week with the aim of riding together as a team and keeping the bond alive.

G.O.D.S - The Delhi Superbike Club

Some of the superbikes owned by G.O.D.S members are Hayabusa, Ninja, R1 etc., and many more from the stable of Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, Ducati and others.

They are also one of the most followed motorbike clubs with +90K followers on Facebook and over 13K on Instagram.

G.O.D.S - The Delhi Superbike Club

Like most motorbike clubs, G.O.D.S are not just about superbikes and great speeds, they’ve been a part of some notable charity work as well, such as:

  • A Ride for Diabetes – participated in Lion’s club to promote the awareness for early detection of diabetes at India Gate, New Delhi;
  • Honda Safety Riding Campaign which covers how to ride safely and the process to handle accident victims;
  • A ride to support OROP (One Rank One Pension) Yojna at Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi in support of ex-servicemen.

Are you intrigued enough? Would you like to join them too? Well, what goes without saying about G.O.D.S is that they’re an exclusive bunch, and we mean super exclusive. That said, if you meet the following criteria, you stand a strong chance of being let in and to be a part of the club.

  • Age – 25 years and above;
  • Good riding experience;
  • Must own a 600cc or above bike;
  • Mature and stable mind to control the ferocious machines.

It is always enthralling to be a part of a good motorbike club and G.O.D.S is simply one of the best. Whether it is safety on road, adventure or charity, G.O.D.S have been at the forefront of all these activities. So, if you are in Delhi, or nearby region and are passionate about riding superbikes, you must try and join this excellent motorbike club and ride on for an exciting and fulfilling experience.

To know more about G.O.D.S, visit the following links.

Not in Delhi but Bangalore? Then stay tuned for our next chapter on another interesting motorbike club!

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