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Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike

In the motorbike industry, Cruisers are known for their tough sound and beautiful cool look that is admired by most riders. The history of Cruisers dates back to the early 1930’s to 1960’s, the American machines which were then produced by some of the famous and popular brands like Henderson, Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles.

Cruiser engines are designed in such a way that they accomplish high performance, reasonable suspension, and low-end torque.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike

Why Should you Choose a Cruiser?

In this section, we shall explore what things you need to look for before going for a Cruiser motorbike?

Well, Cruisers are by far the best motorbikes for long tours and rides. Apart from the rider, the passenger also enjoys a comfortable ride on a Cruiser. Cruisers are well-suited for laid-back long distance travel and as the upright-seated riding position offers a comfortable ride each time.

For this feature, Cruiser motorbikes are quite often known as “long-distance mile-eaters” and thus are highly recommended for riders and explorers who wish to cover a long route.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike
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In addition to the above,

  • Cruisers provide more power capacity than any other motorbike.
  • You can use it for both daily commuting as well as for a long weekend trip.
  • If you are a beginner, a motorbike of 1200cc (or less) will be the best to handle the city traffic.
  • Besides giving a glimpse of history Cruiser bikes are the best to express style, power, space, and comfort.

Here are some important factors to consider while owning a Cruiser for the first time:

  • Choose a starter, for example, Honda Rebel 250, Royal Enfield Bullet, Suzuki TU 250X, Yamaha V star 250 etc.
  • If want to have a long ride, then, you must consider a bike with tall windscreen and onboard luggage capacity.
  • Always choose a motorbike as per your budget as Cruiser bikes have a wide range with prices varying from middle to high like Suzuki S40 is a mid-range bike.
  • Rocket III cruiser comes with 3 cylinders under cruiser category, so it is a good choice for those looking for more power in their bikes.
  • Bonneville Bobber, the modern classic bike is the fastest selling cruiser motorbike.
  • Speedmaster is considered the best for a customized purpose.
  • Touring or Bagger bikes are good options for long distance journey with enough carrying space.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike


  • It is best suited for beginners as it is easily manageable.
  • For long distance motorbike rides, Cruiser is the best choice.
  • A Cruiser will be fully under your control as you can sit low and comfortably ride on it.
  • With Cruiser, a smooth power delivery is possible.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike

  • There is a lot of storage to carry saddlebags and other accessories.
  • Cruiser motorbikes are easily customizable based on customer’s requirements and style quotient.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike


  • Cruisers are heavy and some models come with an engine of up to 2000cc so it is difficult to handle for petite bikers.
  • The engine and other designing modules are complicated and hence repairing costs are high.
  • For improved performance, you have to enhance the lean angle and make some customizations.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike

User Views:

Now, let us take a look at some of the user reviews.

  • “It is very smooth and with no doubt extremely comfortable motorbike supporting long-distance rides that take a lot of hard riding and I just love my Cruiser,” says, Les who owns BMW K1200LT motorcycle and has given 5 stars for its performance.

Guide to Buying a Cruiser Motorbike

  • “Hi, this is Doug I am a fan of Cruiser motorbike. I am really surprised by the amazing engineering design, features and other specifications of it. I have driven up to 12,000 miles in 6 months and I always recommend it to other riders too”-Doug W.
  • “I was looking out for the best motorbike in the industry for past 1 week and recently bought a Cruiser from Harley-Davidson that is really spectacular in each and every ride. I treasure each and every moment with it”-Mark Logar.

In short, Cruisers are marvelous motorbikes, so true, isn’t it? Well, to be honest, I am also one of its ardent fans.

So, when are you planning a motorbike expedition with your friends on your favorite Cruiser?

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