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Harley Davidson’s Sunday Charity Ride

Harley-Davidson proudly sponsored the “RIDE SUNDAY” community charity event on the 3rd of June’ 18 in Goa. The community is dedicated towards charity work and organises an Annual Sunday Ride on the first Sunday of June every year. This year also the community charity ride was organised and the place chosen for the event was Goa.

So, let us go through some of the highlights of the event.

“Ride Sunday” is celebrated worldwide as an International day of riding and this year the Goa Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) made a wonderful effort by connecting all the riders and motorbike groups across Goa.

The aim of the event was to create awareness and raise fund to support the future generation and support “Worldwide Veterinary Services, Goa” whose mission is to fight rabies and rescue needy animals.

The event was a super success and received tremendous support from Dr. Karlette Fernandes, Clinical Director (WVS Goa) in the form of a cheque of Rs 60,000/-

Harley Davidson's Sunday Charity Ride

The Participants

There were many different riding clubs that participated in the event. Here are a few names:

  • Goan Royal Riders- a group of Royal Enfield Riders;
  • Goa H.O.G Chapter;
  • Sea Riders by Navy biking Group;
  • Ladies of Harley Group; and
  • Nobel Super Bikers Group from Margao.

The ride started from the Harley-Davidson showroom in Goa, reached the Old Goa Church and then came back to the starting point. The motorbike ride was managed under the supervision of road captain Karl Coelho along with Rohit Mehta.

Additionally, various other senior riders from different groups volunteered to manage road traffic and make hassle-free passage for the commuters.

Key Takeaways:

  • The event was very well organised;
  • There was no hassle to the common man as marshals ensured smooth flow of traffic.

It is so true that events like these can transform the motorbike community and reinvigorate a new vision of love and respect that in turn encourages people to take active part in social causes.

We do hope that the motorbike community in India pushes for more such events which can showcase the beautiful motorbike culture that we as country carry along.

Enjoy some exclusive pictures taken by Motorbikes India team at the Harley Davidson’s Sunday Charity Ride event.

Pics courtesy- Joshua D’silva

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