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Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review

Are you looking for a motorbike that goes off-road and navigates crowded streets? Do you want a two-wheeler that brings style, power and effortless handling in a single package?  Then try the Africa Twins from Honda.

This motorbike is far more than Honda’s latest offering as it represents the evolution of a legendary bike. The Africa Twin is an improvement on the NXR650, the bike that won the Dakar Rally in 1986.

But how does this bike handle? Can it meet your requirements? Does it really navigate the city streets and off-road territory?

Well, we conducted a comprehensive review to find out.

Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review



The engine design indicates that Honda has made changes to improve speed. Honda’s engineers have replaced the V-twin motors with twin-motor, liquid cooled engines. It is capable of 93.1 [email protected] rpm maximum torque and 999.11cc displacement.

What this means in layman’s terms is an engine that is faster at the mid-speed ranges, which is an improvement over its predecessors.

Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review

The engine has more than enough power to effortlessly overtake on the streets, go a fair distance off-road and move along the highway at a sufficiently fast rate. Best of all, the engine is powered by octane fuel, which means riders can go to all parts of India and maintain a full tank. We think the engine is a significant improvement, bringing in a lot more speed, especially at mid-range.


A cursory glance at the Africa Twins shows a sporty but a slim well-proportionate motorbike. Members of the motorbike community will know that Honda took cues from the CRF 450 Rally, which is a competition bike.

The Africa Twins comes in an attractive shade of ‘victory red’ which is guaranteed to turn eyes on the streets.

Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review

Its sporty look comes from its semi-double cradle, tall front (which drops off at the rear), LED lights, tall windscreen, and large spoke wheels. However, the Africa Twins is still a slim bike, weighing 243 kg, much lighter than other bikes in its class.

The slim frame comes from its minimal styling and proportionate 18.8-liter tank. Overall, we love how the Africa Twins manages to be sporty, slim, and stylish all at once.

Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review

Handling – Transmission

The sporty design and powerful engines are important, but how does the motorbike handle? How does the rider feel?

Well, we are pleased to report that the bike responds well due to the hi-tech transmission system. The Africa Twins features a dual clutch transmission (DCT), an automatic system for clutchless shifting between gears.

Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed ReviewHonda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review

There is an option for manual transmission for veteran riders, which can be turned on in a single click. We found the DCT to be very useful because it allows riders to change gears quickly and effortlessly. Riders could switch between Drive mode and three Sports modes.

Thus, it’s the perfect system for off-road driving, quick overtakes, and rapid breaking.

User Reviews

One user, Charles Pennefather praised the bike for making several improvements over the 2017 model. Pennefather points out that the 2017 model was perfectly good, but Honda still found ways to improve the bike. He stated these improvements are not noticeable at first, but become obvious later on, particularly when driving through traffic.

Pennefather praised the brake and engine settings, stating that it is easier to get by traffic and ride up mountains, however, the button for manual gear may not be used frequently.

Honda Africa Twins – A Detailed Review

Thoughts for the Indian Market

We feel that the Africa Twins from Honda is a fantastic addition to the Indian motorbike community. Whether you want to tour the country, ride through traffic or go off-road adventuring, Africa Twins is the perfect bike for you.

Along with its versatility, the two-wheeler comes at an incredibly competitive price of INR 13 lakhs (approx).

On the whole, we would say that Honda has made an excellent addition to the Indian two-wheeler market with the Africa Twins. The bike is designed to pack more power into a slim frame.

So, have you tested this awesome machine from Honda yet?

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