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How to be Prepared for MotoGP?

MotoGP is amongst the largest motorbike championship events. If you are a motorbike aficionado, you know what it all entails. Well, this is a championship that is endorsed by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme. The huge motorbike events such as those governed by this body are referred to as World Grand Prix Motorbike Championships.

How to be Prepared for MotoGP?

Through this body, a set of rules and regulations are set, governing the way the Grand Prix is to be conducted.  The rules also encompass the type of motorbikes that can participate on the tracks.

MotoGP is among one of the three events held during the Grand Prix, with other events being the Moto2 and Moto3. Also, the motorbikes used in the racing are of completely different nature compared to those commonly used and thus are specially designed for the racing tracks.

How to be Prepared for MotoGP?

How to Take Part in MotoGP?

Honestly speaking, there is some work that goes into taking part in MotoGP. That said, with your skill and passion, it will all seem miniature.

There are a couple of qualifications which include:

  • Motorbike accessory that you ought to have to take part in the sport.
  • For the most part, you should have some background knowledge of the sport. Hence, research is vital to get more information concerning the same.
  • Equipped with the necessary information, you can join the motorbike community first through training. This will instill the basic knowledge on how to get around the track and more about motorbike racing.
How to be Prepared for MotoGP?
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Now, once you have acquired some skill, or if by chance you are a natural with some inherent motorbike racing skills, then you may proceed to the race track to test your skill.

Richard Jove (CEO- Avintia Bluesans MotoGP), says that if you make it through, even to the national level, it would be the best time to test the waters in International racing.

A few extra tips to make it a bigger success is to display your skills to the best of your ability, so as to be recognized Internationally. This will help you get endorsed by major brands and even partake some of the grand championships.

How to be Prepared for MotoGP?

These are the basic steps and the process of getting into MotoGP.

There are also some requirements that you should know, like certain minimum qualification, more such as age limits, all of which can be found in the FIM (The Sports Sanctioning Body) set of instructions for participating in the Grand Prix.

How to Take Part in MotoGP in India?

For those in India, before starting the process, you have to first acquire a license. To clearly lay out the procedure, below are some easy to follow steps:

Step 1

You have to get a license from FMSCI. The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India is a private and non-profit company in India that helps oversee the coordination of motorsports. They perform this vis-a-vis, their association with FIA-Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile and FIM.

Step 2

To get the license, requisite information along with certain fees has to be lodged with the company during the application.

Step 3

Finally, when all is approved, you may hit the track. The license is fit for National racing too. Additionally, you should obtain some necessary motorbike accessories in compliance with the FIM guidelines and rules.

How to be Prepared for MotoGP?
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Bonus Tips

How to be Prepared for MotoGP?

  • Well, when it all comes down to racing, speed is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? You need to be fast and simultaneously focused.
  • Accompanying this with discipline, skill and talent can make you a good professional rider.
  • Also, your attitude, as well as the ones close to you, have an overall effect on the performance. So, it is good to keep everything in check.
  • Lastly, as you all know, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore, training regularly is extremely important for you to become a better rider each day.

In the two-wheeler market, merchandise and motorbike accessory is expensive, especially for professional racers. Hence, funding yourself may dig deep into your pocket. It is therefore smart to start your training with a club. Getting into a motorbike club will increase the chances of success and you can even end up being sponsored if your performance is exemplary.

So, all you young enthusiastic riders out there, stay focused and sharp while on the track. Remember, you are being watched!

Know more about our brand ambassador- Udipta Kumar Rath as he takes on his fellow riders on the track.

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