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How to Get the Best Mileage from your Motorbike

Hello Everyone! Today we shall discuss a very important aspect of motorbike riding – Mileage.

So, let me ask you, how much mileage do you get from your motorbike? Is it equal to the one promised at the time of purchase?

Yes, no, maybe?

Well, to be honest, it is almost impossible to get the same mileage that is estimated during laboratory testing conditions and during our ride. However, there are ways through which you can of course enhance your motorbike’s current mileage.

Hence, in the article today, we will give you some major tips to help you improve my motorbike mileage. So, without waiting, grab a seat and read further to explore the top 10 tips on how to make the best usage of your motorbike fuel.

Tip 1: Make a gentle and steady ride

Every rider has a unique style of riding. Riding also differs as per environment. Sometimes the roads may be crooked or the cracks could be filled with salt and dry ice.

Now, no matter what the road condition is, you should always attempt a smooth ride by maintaining a uniform speed and torque level as insisted by the manufacturer. Attempt to shift down wherever it is necessary and not to over stress the engine.

Tip 2: Never attempt to modify your motorbike

The present generation bikers are addicted to bulky motorbike models like Duke and RC 390. Therefore, they often end up modifying their motorbike with extra spare parts like big tires, horns, and lights to make them look unique. However, it is one of the major factors that reduces the mileage.

Tip 3: Change oil regularly

Change the engine oil of your motorbike for every 3000 km or after every 3 months to avoid friction and to keep the engine in a good condition. The interval and the engine oil type must be according to the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Tip 4: Use high-quality fuel

To keep the motorbike engine healthy, good quality fuel is important. It helps to keep the engine parts in perfect form and give increased mileage. Make sure that you use a fuel that is free from adulteration.

Tip 5: When idle, switch off the engine

Traffic jams are another factor that reduces the mileage of your motorbike. So, if you get stuck in a traffic jam and your motorbike is stationary for more than 40-50 secs, switch off the engine temporarily and save fuel from being wasted unnecessarily.  

Tip 6: Whenever possible, shift to a higher gear

If you are on a long-distance ride on a highway road that is free from traffic, shift to a higher gear. This is so, as slow speed and short gear always result in limited mileage.

Tip 7: Never overload your motorbike

Overloading is another reason that reduces the efficiency of a motorbike. More than two people on a motorbike (including the rider) will result in overweight.

Tip 8: Recommended air pressure maintenance is a must

You must maintain the level of air pressure as per the user manual in both, the front and the rear tyre of your motorbike.

Tip 9: Avoid hard braking and sudden acceleration

A lot of fuel gets wasted due to sudden acceleration and hard braking. Hence a normal speed of 50-60 kmph should be maintained during the ride which will also keep the bike under your control.

Tip 10: Good bike maintenance

To maintain a good and a healthy motorbike, clean it daily and have your motorbike serviced on time. Make sure to check the engine parts and carburetor settings before and after each ride.

Additionally, before you go out to buy a motorbike of your choice, it is imperative to know the technical specifications and other related factors which will be very useful for you in the future.

Lastly, always remember to ride responsibly and wear proper motorbike accessories.

I shall see you again with yet another article on motorbike safety shortly!

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