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How to Get the Best Price for your Old Motorbike?

Selling your old motorbike can sometimes be painful, isn’t it?

We have lots of memories attached to it. It could be your first motorbike, your dad or your partner-in-crime might have gifted, or it is the first bike to take your girlfriend for a ride.

Whatever the reason, selling a motorbike isn’t so tricky.

Here, I am going to share a few tips and steps to sell your old motorbike, so let’s start!

Do a survey: The first step to sell your motorbike will be to do a study in your area and through websites. It can give you an idea of the market value of your bike. You can look for the realistic cost of your motorbike model, primarily in your area. Collect information from the local dealers and some popular dealers from other regions about the current price of your motorbike. It will not only give you a basic idea but also make you understand the market to some extent.

Check your motorbike’s condition: After the survey, you should check the health of your two-wheeler. Even if it is in good working condition, a few scratches and dents might lower its price. Check if all the parts are working and if there is rust in the tank? Take it to a mechanic to get it checked thoroughly. If needed, change a few body parts and replace the spark plug and get the air filtered clean.

Clean your motorbike: Before selling your old motorcycle, it is better if you clean it. Appearance matters a lot, and it has a good impact on the buyer while looking at your old bike. An exceptionally clean motorcycle motivates the buyers to go for the bike instantly. Pick up a scruff and detergent water to clean your bike. Clean every nook and cranny of your bike- spokes, frames, cables, wiring, etc. Give it a shiny and new look again.

Check all documents: Before posting the ad for your motorcycle, check if all the paperwork is with you and are in order. The critical record includes a registration certificate, insurance paper, and a bill of purchase, etc. If any of the items are missing, then it is advisable to get a replacement for these documents.

Take an image of your motorcycle: While posting an ad for your motorbike, fancy words don’t work, but a clear picture does. Take a few photographs of your bike and post them on ad sites. Everyone now has a digital camera or a good smartphone, so there is no question of the blurred picture. An unflattering image harms your buyer. Take photos from multiple angles with a background free of clutter. A simple environment will draw more attention to your motorbike.

Title and description: After taking the right image of your bike, put up a good title and a detailed explanation to give a proper idea about your motorcycle to the buyer. Your title should be appealing and catch the eye of the purchaser. Describing your bike is a way of telling the buyer what he needs to know about the bike. You should mention all the relevant information, along with the motorcycle’s ownership and service history. Additionally, highlight the best features of the bike to increase the chance of selling.

Post your ad to the premium section: If you are taking the help of old bike selling websites, then listing the ad in the premium section increases the chances of a sale. Your ad gets viewed by most of the buyers, and you get a more significant number of inquiries. Hence, it increases your success rate to sell your bike.

Dealing with buyers: It can be hectic to deal with more than one buyer in a day to sell your bike. Especially when they ask you to lower the price. The best thing you can do is to give an accurate and brief description of your motorbike. Talk about the condition and feel he will get while riding the bike. Discuss its documents and equipment. Don’t miss any points while conversation and work towards the goal of selling the bike.

Meeting the buyer: It is better to meet the buyer after you discuss every detail of the bike over the phone. Meeting with a buyer can give you a chance to ask him for a test ride, and he can immediately buy your motorbike. If possible, take your mechanic along with you so that he can tell some specific details. Be clear about your price and offer of the bike. If all goes well, then close the deal with full or partial payment.

Thus, we hope by following these tips, you will be now able to make the best deal for your old motorbike.

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