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How to Prepare Yourself for the Himalayan Odyssey Adventure Tour

A wise man once said, “When given 7 hours to cut down a tree, take 4 hours to sharpen the axe”. This saying displays the relative gravity of preparation before embarking on any challenging quest or adventure.

In the last article we discussed the details of the 15th edition of Himalayan Odyssey, therefore today we will talk about how you can prepare yourself for the adventure tour to the mountains.

Trust me when I say, time waits for no one. So without anymore wait, let’s begin!

The 15th Edition of Himalayan Odyssey - Part 1

In fact, it’s like time runs on a fresh engine and new wheels these days with the ferocious agility yet steady rate at which it blows off right before our faces. With this event fast approaching, it is important to start preparing as soon as possible before heading to the challenging roads that span beyond the ordinary at several kms above sea level.


In the bid to not just stand out but also stand safely at the Himalayan Odyssey event, here are a few preparatory routines to be executed before the D-day of the event.

  • Mechanical equipments are like babies, they require constant taking care of and feeding to provoke the best possible performances in them. Your motorcycle, in this case, is your baby, you ought to get it well serviced way ahead of the event date. Ensure that your tires have the maximum thread and the wheels are in perfect working condition. Advisably, come to the event with a brand new pair of tyres.
  • Check the durability of your bike’s clutch, since it will be constantly used throughout the ride.
  • Verify the condition of the front fork oil seals and change them if required.
  • Inspect every single part of your bike’s OE parts and carry extra parts if need be.
  • Ensure that your bike gives you maximum handling capability by getting its rims trued.
  • Conduct a general check of all tubes, cords, cables, and wires to ensure they are all in perfect working condition.
  • And finally, conduct a performance check of your motorcycle. Take it for a test run putting to use all its mechanical components such as brakes, clutch, tires grip and skid resistivity and so on.


The rules of the event are not a bulky written document of constitutional instructions, but more or less straightforward and simple that all participants are indulged to follow strictly. These few rules include.

Conduct: All participants and riders in the events are expected to maintain rules of self-conduct and dignity. They should be composed and continually put the other participants into consideration at all times including respecting the organisers and staffs.

Medical Advice: All participants with medical conditions or prescriptions are advised to stick strictly to their medical treatments and prescriptions.

Intoxication: No rider is permitted to be under any form of intoxication whatsoever during the event.

Environmental Responsibility: Since the event would see to taking a ride past other regions, it is required of all participants to maintain the sanctity of all regions which would be passed through.

Luggage: Each participant is entitled to carrying a luggage or backpack weighing not more than 15kg. The luggage can contain items such as change of clothes, sparkplug, extra footwear, set of tubes, throttle and clutch cables and OEM toolkit. There is provision for a luggage carrying vehicle which is usually the vehicle taking the back seat during the ride.


As basic and simple as riding might seem, it is an intellectual tasking activity that is dependent on your mental attitude. The event is not a ride or die race, it grants participants the pleasure of riding at their own pace and with their chosen crew and ride buddies, but at the same time, it is not meant to be considered as a ride till mama calls event.

All riders should try as much as possible to stay close enough to the leading pack and experienced riders during the event to ensure that the daylight period is utilised. This is to avoid the use of artificial light and ample recovery time for the next day’s event. It is also advisable to ride in close formation when passing through cities to avoid losing anybody along the way.

When riding, it is important to ensure quality communication between all riders and to keep a safe distance between you and the rider in front of you. Do not try overtaking on a small road path or in between two riders to avoid any form of accident.

The Himalayan Odyssey 2018 event is just around the corner with just a few days to go. For an enjoyable experience during the event, make sure that you are both mentally, physically and mechanically sound and ready by adequately preparing.

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