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How to Spend a Day in Coimbatore

Hi guys, happy to meet you all once again with this article. This time I will share some memorable moments that I and my friends spent on a motorbike ride in my city, Coimbatore.

Yes, Coimbatore is one of the best cities in southern India where the mode of living is quite practical yet traditional. It is a wonderful place that is well known for its pre-historic temples and diverse culture. Here, you can find everything from top colleges to IT parks, best hotels to high-class apartments, amazing malls to entertainment theatres and last but not the least beautiful mountains with enthusiastic climate.

Well, that’s just a sneak peek, are you eager to know more about my city? I promise it will be a breathtaking ride for you to explore the city especially on your motorbike.

This rainy season, on the 1st of July, I, along with three of my friends decided to go on a motorbike ride and explore some places in Coimbatore. We started our ride after a tasty South-Indian breakfast at Anandhaas hotel at Sundarapuram. The hotel is known for its ambiance, high-quality vegetarian food, and sweets.

Close to 8.30 am, after our breakfast, we headed towards Siruvani Dam and falls which is the source of pure and cool Siruvani water, situated at a distance of 37 km from Sundarapuram. We crossed the grape wine garden and the Karunya Nagar where you can see Karunya Group of Institutions surrounded all over with coconut trees.

At around 10.15 am, we reached the waterfall and had an awesome experience relaxing and chilling in the lap of nature. It was wonderful to be away from the routine city life for a while. To be honest, the rains had made the view even more scenic and beautiful. We took a refreshing bath and after a tea break close to 11 am, left the place.

Nothing is more beautiful than the mountain temples of Coimbatore. Arulmigu Vellingiri Andavar temple, popularly known as, “Sapthagiri-7 Hills” in Vellingiri mountain is one of the most picturesque mountain temples.

It is considered to be the most powerful spiritual place on the planet for worshipping Lord Shiva. It is hardly 11.6 km from Siruvani which is a 30-minute ride on your motorbike.

It is devotion time and what can be the most sacred place other than Patteeswarar Temple in Perur. It took more than an hour for us to reach from our last stop, the Vellingiri temple which is 31.8 km far. This temple is considered one of the oldest in Coimbatore and is known for it’s carved out pillars, and Gopurams that have its history linked to King Karikala Cholan. You should never miss the “Kanaka Saba”- the golden hall which is the biggest attraction of this temple. After performing all the devotion activities, we left the temple at 1 pm.

Now, after this long a motorbike ride, we were really tired and were dying for a sumptuous lunch, so we stopped by for a full meal lunch at Sree Annapoorna, a multi-cuisine restaurant.

Another place that is a must visit is the Isha Yoga Mayam of the Isha Foundation. It was created last year and took us only around 20-30 minutes to reach from Perur. The place is surrounded by hills and lush green palm and coconut trees. It was amazing to look at the tallest Lord Shiva bust in Yogic posture.

We took part in yoga and some of the upliftment programs of the foundation and after clicking some pictures, we rode ahead.

Well, wait a minute, our ride is not yet over. There is also a mini-park that is situated in Coimbatore called the VOC Park which also consists of a Zoo. After covering a distance of 2.8 km, we reached VOC Park and met beautiful peacocks and naughty monkeys.

For kids, there is a mini train as well. We took some shots on the train and I must say it was a trip down our childhood memories. After a short visit to the zoo, we strolled a bit in the park, VOC ground and took some group selfies before leaving for dinner at around 7.30 in the evening.

Many of you already know about the famous chain of restaurants called Barbeque Nation. Well, that is one of the most popular eating joints in Coimbatore as well for one of the finest non-vegetarian and BBQ items. Although, a little costly, it is worth a try. We started with starters followed with seafood and ended with some creamy desserts.

After a light but fulfilling dinner, we left for our home at 9.00 pm.

Isn’t my Coimbatore city an amazing one as I said before? Well, although a bit risky, it is all the more fun to ride a motorbike in the rainy season.

Well, in the end, I would say that every city has its own charm and I am sure you will love to explore some beautiful places on your own. So, go out and step on your motorbike for a ride this rainy season in your city.

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