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India Bike Week 2016 – Carnival Is About To Begin

India Bike Week 2016 (IBW 2016) has been one of the greatest events for motorbike riders in the country and at the same time several from abroad. The event of 2016 is perhaps the one to make super-natural blend of motorbike riding as well as music and culture. Besides the hard-core technical sides of the event, this year there will be lots of fun for those who are not too technical but are attracted to the energy of the festival.

IBW 2016 bikerswith flags

To begin with some of the enticing highlights of this year’s event, it must be mentioned that there will be several star bikers participating in the “Great migration to Goa” and it is for sure that you will get the opportunity to experience their presence and contribution.

Personally meet CS Santosh and other superstart at IBW 2016.

The undisputed king of trails Dougie Lampkin will occupy the centre of attraction for his debut in the IBW 2016 so that his fans in India can witness his supernatural skills in motorsport.

Besides the British maestro biker, the Indian superstar C.S. Santosh will also be the part of the festival. Having completed the legendary gruelling off-road endurance race in 2016, Santosh will bring his extraordinary experiences to his fans. He will also be hosting a safety session for the public and will share his own experiences as well.

Most interesting part of the news is that Santosh will actually participate in the “Great migration to Goa” and thus the participants will get the opportunity to come close to this legend.

India Bike Week 2016 (IBW 2016) riders parade

India Bike Week 2016: Music and Films

As mentioned, this year’s event will be a great combination of motorsport with culture and that is why this event will also host the musical programs performed by Montry Manuel and Soulmate.

The program that is creating huge difference between the events of previous years is the first Film Festival featuring the eminent travel films across from every part of the globe.

Championships and Challenges at IBW 2016

IBW 2016: Motorbikes performance

The iteration also includes an endurance challenge which is basically open to all participants (both amateur and professional riders) and the prize amount of this race is pretty enticing. The expected “celebrity” in this event is expected to be the youngest biker Sarthak Chavan. Having professional training in USA, he is sure to bring good competition to amateur participants.

There will also be a stunt championship program. There were initially 40 participating teams and the final 8 will perform in the main event to be judged by the champion Shyam Kothari and Bhuvan Choudhury.

India Bike Week 2016: Future bikes and Mystery bikes

The India Bike Week 2016 is also going to be the most highlighted platform to get the glimpse of some of the most interesting future bikes. The event is going to showcase the future models including the most “spoken of” Monowheel along with the Air-O-Bike, that consists of the engine designed to operate with compressed air. It will be a great opportunity to witness the future of the motorbike industry and at the same time the audience will be eligible to win some of the attractive prizes which can even include a custom made motorbike.

Harley-Davidson and Triumph will take this event as the most valuable opportunity to launch their products. Harley-Davidson’s is the “mystery” bike while Triumph has already announced the Indian premiere of the new Bonneville Street Twin.

In a nutshell, the entire India Bike Week 2016 event is going to be action-packed and will not be wise to miss.

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