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Interesting Facts about Motorbike Clubs

What are motorbike clubs? Well, motorbike clubs are simply a group of people who love to own and ride motorbikes. Formed in 1903, the New York Motorbike Club was one of the first in the world, eventually, merging with another club in Brooklyn and later with Motorcycle and Allied Trades Association to form the largest American Motorcyclist Association.

If you are to take a cue from any of the movies where the term “motorcycle clubs” has been used, your mind might be oriented towards thinking it is a bunch of scary gangsters with leather jackets. On the contrary, motorbike clubs are just a group of people in love with their two-wheelers.

There are several motorbike clubs, some definitely quite popular and many with branches in several districts. Below are some facts that you probably did not know about motorbike clubs.

It is not a men’s club

Although motorcycle clubs usually have more male members, it is not an all-boys affair all the time. There are female riders too, perhaps not a lot, but they do exist and there are even female motorbike clubs in some regions which we shall talk about pretty soon.

The chain of command is respected

Just like any organized group, it is always best to have leaders in order to keep things in check. Almost all motorbike clubs possess a chain of command ranging from the President, Secretary, treasurer and all the way up to including special dutiful roles like PRO, sergeants, road captains and so on.

Their dress code is their pride

You know how on top of the world a soldier feels putting on his Khaki? The motorbike community feels just about the same amount of pride riding in their customized leather jackets with their motorbike club’s name patch as the top rocker, the club logo in the middle and the town, district or region as the bottom rocker. They wear them with their shoulders high and damn they look badass in it!

Membership is no one-day job

The motorbike club members, especially the new ones, must exhibit a consistent level of loyalty to the group and you need to tally up your mileage before you can be considered a full-fledged member.

But in the end, trust me; the hassle is worth the wait.

Their strength is in their numbers

They often love to move in a group in order to reduce the risk of a road accident. The more the riders, the easier they are to notice for other motorists.

Sportsbike might not be a get-in ticket

I’m sure you must not have noticed even a glimpse of any sports bike in a motorbike club picture. It is just their thing; they prefer custom built cruisers or rides like the Harley Davidsons’, probably as they were in vogue when Motorbike Club was invented.

It does look a lot classier if you ask me!

Charity Works are Integral

Contrary to most opinions, the motorbike community carries out series of motorbike charity which is an integral obligation the Motorbike culture entails. They organize fundraising races, donations including partnering with groups like BACA for Motorbikes Charity.


One of the fun parts of these clubs is that they creatively give almost every member a nickname. It often serves as a code name known by the club members alone.

They have their Signs and Languages

Just like any other group of people with common interest, they have their own language. They give hand signs and signals to pass messages across to their members in situations where voices may not be heard.

Motorbike Clubs are definitely where you can meet people who love the road as much as you do, if not more. What do you think?

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