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Kalk – A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior

In recent times, we all have witnessed a rapid and sporadic progress in terms of technological progression in the motorbikes world. This, as you all would agree, has mostly been related to electric motor driven two-wheelers known as E-bikes.

The resurgence of electric motorbikes has been the result of the world leaders being more considerate towards environment protection and save the depleting natural resources. Definitely, the thinning of the ozone layer, melting of Antarctica glaciers and extreme changes in temperature all over the world has been the result of global warming, for which we, humans are mainly responsible.

Thereby, the need for electric vehicles whether cars or two-wheelers have become of paramount importance.

Kalk is produced by a Swedish company known as CAKE, an idea that was developed by the Swedish Entrepreneur named Stefan Ytterborn. This fresh out of the box company has made it crystal clear that they are out to ignite a revolutionary transition in the society by producing “Zero emitting” products and they promise on not slowing down the excitement on road.

Cake, just this year launched 50 Units of limited edition Kalk bikes for a pre-order offer on the 25th January. The delivery however of these bikes will commence around June 2018. These limited edition special Kalk bikes have some unique inbuilt features such as CNC Machined alloyed parts, carbon Fibre and painted plastic parts.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior

It is pretty impressive to know the fact that CAKE Kalk is the very first product of this company, and with this level of innovation, it has already stolen the attention of motorbike lovers.

In order to attain the desired level of quality and durability, every single component of this beauty was manufactured and fabricated from scratch by making use of empty sheets to ensure adequate attention to details.

To be honest, we do not see very often something as magnificent as CAKE’s Kalk, an off-road limited edition dirt Electric bike looking to revolutionize off-road motorcycling.


Kalk is special in every way, be it design, comfort, speed or in-built technology. Let us look at each aspect of this electric motorbike in detail.


The Kalk Bike was specially designed to be one of the lightest high-performance off-road motorcycles. It weighs just about 70kg with the battery taking a greater percentage of the entire body weight. This lightweight was achievable by building the frames and the swing arm of the electric bike in extruded 6061 Aluminium all CNC welded and joined.

The body of the bike, including fenders and side plates, was also fabricated with Carbon Fibre to give it that shiny irresistible look and at the same time reduce its body weight significantly.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior

The front suspension of the bike which is adjustable for both High and low-speed compression and rebound was designed as an upside down air/oil sprung fork. It features 38mm stanchion tubes developed by the number one suspension manufacturer for motorcycles and cars, Ohlins, to facilitate rigidity and strength. Ohlins also made use of their TTX dampening technology to manufacture the Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system on the rear.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior

The CAKE Kalk’s cockpit which comes with a Handlebar was made from Aerospace grade 7075 aluminium. The same was used for the stem of the motorbike, although with an integrated dashboard. The distinct looking seat of the bike which was developed by Reconsider is not only comfortable but also rigid and solid to withstand the bumpy ride of an off-road journey. It also comes with a headset gear made by MTB giant, Hope.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior

Wheels are one of the most important design aspects of an off-road motorbike, and Cake did not by any means ignore this integral design phase. The wheels of Kalk comes with top-notch triple chamber 6061 alloy rims of 50mm thickness, same size as its durable and minimum trail wear tires. It also wheels on enlarged 25mm axles coupled with an Aerospace grade 7075 lightweight Power hubs and vented discs with a massive rear chain wheel for both stability and durability.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior


Since the Cake Kalk was specially built for light off-road performance, its engineering had to follow suit. This bike makes use of a customized IPM Motor that was specifically made for the Kalk in Europe. With this motor, the bike is able to race the undefined tracks of an off-road route with an optimally propelled all-electric performance from its 15kW peak or 9kW continuous range mid-motor. It is also powered by a 51.8 Volt battery to reach a possible top speed of 80kmph (50mph).

The bike has ACE Astute controllers with Tunable motor braking and regen. It has been programmed to switch smoothly between three possible driving modes.

  • “Discover” mode is meant for newbies in off-road riding limited to 45kmph.
  • “Explore” mode is for taking a longer ride off the paved scenes while the
  • “Excite” mode was created for professional riders with longer riding time. Or as the name implies, exciting rugged ride with Maximum acceleration, Speed and power.

Wow, so many riding options on one bike? I am simply spellbound!


The brakes of the bike are standard motorcycle brakes with four-piston callipers and alloy levers. It also accommodates stainless steel rotors of a 220mm/3.2mm radius. It was designed with three adjustable regenerative braking modes.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior


It uses 18650 lithium cells of a power rating of about 51.8 Volts, 50Ah, 2.6kWh pumping about 20bhp to be able to power the electric motor and controller pushing out 42 Nm at the motor shaft. The battery can last for a good 80 km on a single charge and is super powerful.

Kalk - A Swedish Electric Off-road Warrior

With so many amazing features, you wouldn’t need to fear the terrain anymore; Kalk will always have your back!

How important is Kalk?

The importance of this spectacular Electronic motorbike can be realised from the mission statement of CAKE. He states “With a clear mission to contribute speeding up the transition towards a zero-emission society, CAKE aims to turn the motorized two-wheeled future upside down. Light, silent and clean electric off-road motorbikes will make the era of noise, disturbance, pollution, and complexity a thing of the past. The category will evolve into an independent pursuit, offering action and magic in combination with responsibility and respect towards people and planet.”

The bike was built for environmental friendliness; it features zero emission because it does not make use of combustion engines. It is also a very light electric bike compared to other bikes in the past in addition to its silent movement without causing any form of pollution either noise or air.

Price Range

Cake Kalk electric bike is priced at $14000 (around INR 8.9 lakh). To pre-order this exceptional motorbike, the buyer is meant to pay a pre-order fee of $1000 (around INR 63,000) and the remaining final payment upon delivery.

That is definitely a huge sum for the Indian motorbike community. But for those who really want the experience of a high-end electric two-wheeler, can opt for motorbike finance to own this easily.

I am sure you would agree with me that the CAKE Kalk electric motorbike is a masterpiece of design and technology for the electrically powered wheels.

Although expensive, Kalk could be the choice for the adventurous motorbike riders who enjoy riding nothing but the best-in-class.

To lay your hands on this classy piece, you will have to wait until later this year. So all you motorbike lovers hold on to your adventurous side for the time being.

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