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Key Points on How to Drive your Motorbike in City Traffic

With a doubt, we can assure you that today’s session will be a useful one for all of you. We will be discussing the very basic issue that every motorbike rider faces: City Traffic.

Some metro cities like Bangalore, New Delhi etc. are so congested with regular crowd and excess of vehicles that it becomes a huge task for a rider. More so as quite a few people take the road for granted and pay no attention to fellow riders. Road rash is nothing new in these areas and as per the latest data released by the Indian Govt., the number of deaths due to road accidents has increased considerably.

Therefore, we have come up with a few guidelines that will help you tackle the traffic in peak hours or during heavy traffic in cities and towns with your motorbikes.

So, ready for the session?

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you pass through the city traffic with ease.

Protect yourself

You are the master of your own motorbike and hence keep yourself and your motorbike under control. Before going on a ride, check your two-wheeler parts like brakes, horn, fuel level, mirror and chains. A simple way to protect yourself is to wear quality helmets, protective clothing and gears.

Always be alert

During heavy traffic, you should give more importance in choosing the right action. Always be alert while changing positions and predict possible trouble that might occur before you execute an action.

Be careful of your position/placement on the road

Imagine you are following a car with your motorbike closely without the basic distance gap of 10m and the driver gives a sudden brake or a turn-What will you do? Yeah, it will result in a road crash. So, in order to avoid this situation, focus on your position and road direction while driving.

Experience riding on different surfaces

It will be good for you to know the driving techniques for different and difficult road surfaces like gravel, wet sand, steel surfaces and manhole covers.

Check the weather

Before you start to ride, check the weather conditions. If it seems to rain, you must carry precautionary gears along with you like waterproof jackets and sunglasses etc. as driving in rain is a challenging one.

Avoid performing stunts

If you are a Stunter, never attempt to try those stunts in traffic roads as it is dangerous to other passengers too.

Be visible

Wear bright cloths and make yourself visible to riders who are riding in front and at the back of your motorbike, especially in the night.

Overtake vehicles only when possible

During traffic, avoid overtaking a vehicle and if you still need to, overtake the vehicle carefully to avoid a crash.

Try a motorbike safety course

A motorbike safety course is one of the best ideas to know the tricks and the guidelines to be followed during motorbike ride in heavy traffic. At present, before awarding a two-wheeler license to the candidate, it is made mandatory to pass the driving test.

It is all about your and others safety on road.

Never get distracted from your way

Last, but the most important advice is “Never distract from your predetermined pathway”. “Think thrice, look twice and execute at once”.

Well driving within the premises of a city or a town is really challenging. It is unlike your long road trips to the lap of nature.

Thus, we do hope that the guidelines in this article will be useful for you during your next motorbike ride in city traffic.

“Drive safe and enjoy the road”

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