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Leslie Porterfield writes exclusively for Motorbikes India

The fastest women on two-wheels, Leslie Porterfield now writes exclusively for (MI). Leslie Porterfield answers questions for Motorbikes India and the Bikerni.

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Leslie’s remarkable achievements to date

In 2007, Leslie Porterfield started Land Speed Racing. Her weapon of choice was simple. To achieve the high-speed records she was after, she chose the Suzuki Hayabusa.

After crashing and sustaining injuries in 2007, she came back more determined than ever in 2008 aboard the same bike. With a turbocharged 2002 Hayabusa, she has set records in three different classes. Leslie has put her bike and accomplishments in the public eye with her astounding record of 232mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2008.

She also was the first woman to enter into the legendary Bonneville 200mph Club on a conventional motorcycle in their 61-year history.

Leslie Porterfield on Honda CBR

Also in 2008, she set a production class 1000cc record aboard a Honda CBR. In 2009, Leslie returned to the Salt Flats to take the Top Speed of the Meet award on a Motorcycle with her 240mph pass on a record of 227mph. This is the first time in history a woman has taken the award.

She has been featured in many magazines, Speed TV’s Superbikes, The Discovery Chanel’s Speed Capital, Chasing Speed on Velocity, and many television interviews. Magazine coverage has been extensive and worldwide, featuring her on many covers. She also writes articles for 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine on a monthly basis.

The record-breaking Suzuki and rider are also part of a Progressive Insurance Print Ad campaign currently running in major publications.

She also was a keynote speaker at the AMA Women in Motorcycling Conference this year. She was awarded AMA’s Female Rider of the Year for 2008. She also makes appearances at the International Motorcycle Shows, Indianapolis Dealer Expo, Swiss Moto in Zurich, Femmoto and various races.

Leslie pictured at the start of her run on Bonniville Salt Lakes

Leslie pictured at the start of her run on Bonniville Salt Lakes

Leslie in Guinness Book of Records

Leslie is the Guinness Book of World Records’ Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle. She obtained a top speed of 246mph aboard the Turbo Hayabusa.

See Leslie on Youtube

Leslie answers questions for The Bikerni all women motorcycle group in India

Urvashi Patole “How does it feel to be racing at such high speeds. What high does it give you? Over here, most of us think of motorcycling as a passion for life. What made you get that passion?”
Hi Urvashi, I started riding motorcycles when I was 16. I didn’t come from a motorcycle family, and had never even been on a motorcycle when I bought it. I thought it would be fun and a cheap mode of transportation. I had no idea what would become of an unusual hobby! There weren’t very many women riding motorcycles then. I see more and more now, which is so exciting! Even more are racing and competing.

Candida Louis “What or whom inspired you to start riding, and how did it feel when you achieved the world record??”

Thank you for your question Candida, I started road racing in my late teens. I loved the speed and competition! I think I got my first taste of adventure and adrenaline. I am always seeking out exciting things, flying planes, road racing cars, scuba diving, skiing, etc. I always wanted to build a bike for Bonneville. Unlike many racing venues, people work together so much to achieve their goals and help with safety.

Anita: question for Leslie Porterfield. ” You are a woman gifted with different caliber. Is 24 hrs a day enough? What drives you and where is this zest for life coming from?”

Well Anita I feel incredibly fortunate that I have been able to follow my dreams and passions. Motorcycles are such an important part of my life. I never expected them to make such an impact on my life! I am lucky to be able to follow my dreams and have some big adventures.

24 hours in a day is never enough! I am always giving 100%. I have many projects and stay so busy!

Sonalii: “Hi… My question to Ms Porterfield: when r u coming to India?”

That’s a very good question Sonalii, and not one that I can answer at this stage, perhaps Motor Bikes India will invite me over?

Sunita Mande Hi. My question is which is her favorite bike and why?? And her validation or POV for the need for speed?? As I myself am a speed seeker.

Easy to answer Sunita! I had gotten so many speeding tickets that I thought the Bonneville Salt Flats would be a perfect place for me! I immediately fell in love with Land Speed racing. The Bonneville Salt Flats are a strange and beautiful place. The camaraderie is amazing. I have met some lifelong friends doing the thing I love. My bike of choice at the time was a turbocharged 2002 Hayabusa, on which I have set records in three different classes.

What’s next for the World’s fastest lady?

Leslie has got her eyes set on the world record for the fastest person on a motorbike (not just woman) and MBI wish her the best of luck with this challenge . We know you can do it Leslie! and now you’ve got a whole load of females (and males) in India cheering you on – GO LESLIE!

Leslie Porterfield posing

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