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The Fastest Woman On Two-Wheels Leslie Porterfield Writes For Motorbikes India

Leslie Porterfield, the fastest woman on two-wheels writes for Motorbikes India (MI). She’s also shares what happened in her biking career, what bikes she had ridden and what’ to come in 2016 and 2017!

Leslie Porterfield writes for Motorbikes India
Leslie Porterfield, fastest woman on two-wheels, writes for Motorbikes India

Hi Guys, a quick (and very overdue) update for all you bikers and followers of Motorbikes India.

World Motorcycle Day 19Th June

Before I go into what I have been up to lately, Philip from Motorbikes India has asked me to do a live link to World Motorcycle Day on the 19th June in Thane, they are trying to organise if that is technically possible, and also taking into consideration the Monsoon season! So fingers crossed, if not, have a great day guys.

India Bike Week Feb 2017

Philip has also invited me to India Bike Week next Feb, and it’s in the diary!! Heard so much about this event, and having never been to India I cannot wait!

An Update Of My Racing Career

From my first year Land Speed Racing at Bonneville, it has been quite an adventure. That year, 2007, I didn’t break any record. I crashed my turbocharged race bike resulting in 7 broken ribs and a punctured lung. I came back the following year to break some records.

My First Entry Into The Guinness Book Of Records

My first record of 209mph unfaired got me into the prestigious Bonneville 200mph Club as the first woman on a conventional motorcycle to do so. The Red cap is given to riders who achieve this speed.

Leslie Porterfiels wearing her first 200Mph Red Cap
Leslie Porterfield Wearing Her First 200Mph Red Cap

The next event I broke a record in the 2000cc class. It was an exciting record. On the return run, I had a rod come through the cases at 240mph. I still managed to make the full timed mile and get the top two way world record for any woman on a conventional motorcycle. I have been honored to be in the Guinness Book of World Records since that date.

My Best Speed To Date 246Mph!!!

From that date, I have gone on to set more records and have increased my top speed. I have achieved 246mph!

2016 So Far For Leslie Porterfield

This year has already been an exciting year. I have had some unique opportunities come my way. Last November (2015), I was able to make some test runs around 200mph while shooting a commercial for Walgreens, a pharmacy chain. I feel very grateful that I get to do a job that I love! I attended the MotoGP in Austin, TX in April and caught up with many good racing friends, as well as signed autographs.

Leslie Porterfield signing autographs for fans at MotoGP
Leslie Porterfield signing autographs for some fans at MotoGP Austin Texas.

I’ll be heading Los Angeles then on to Laguna Seca in California for World Superbike in July.

Leslie Porterfield preparing for a race
Concentrating On Race Prepping

Testing The All New $125,000 Confederate Fighter

I have been fortunate enough to be able to throw a leg over the hand built machine made by Confederate, an American high-end manufacturer. Their new bike is called the Fighter. It is raw power and a hand crafted work of art. I am organizing plans to race the bike at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Confederate Fighter Motorcycle
Confederate Fighter Motorcycle. Confederate is an American high-end motorbikes manufacturer.
Leslie Porterfield riding Confederate Fighter motorcycle in Dallas
Leslie Rides The ‘Fighter’ On A Balmy Dallas Evening

From the first time I saw this bike, I was infatuated! It’s unique styling, attention to detail, and artistic approach makes it an amazing motorcycle to look at.

From the first time I rode it I was so impressed. I started it up and it growled and rumbled to life. It handles better than any custom bike I’ve ridden. They definitely paid attention to not just aesthetics; it has the horsepower and handling to go with its great looks!

Leslie Porterfield riding Confederate Fighter in the evening
Leslie Porterfield riding the Fighter

This Summer At Bonneville

The events at Bonneville were rained out last year, so I am anxious to get back on the salt this summer. My first event will be in August. I can’t wait! It’s time to go fast….

Leslie xxx

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About Leslie Porterfield

Leslie Porterfield is the fastest woman on two-wheels. She is a member of the Bonneville 200mph Club. Her top speed as of 2016 is 246mph! You can follow Leslie on her Facebook page:

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