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Lycan – The New Age E-bike Review

You would agree that the way forward for us human beings to survive is electrical power. And true to this fact, motorbikes have also joined the movement in a big way. I guess it is mainly because in the field of innovation two things are important – style and long-term life. With the Indian government also pushing the automobile market towards fuel-less driving, E-bikes or Electric Motorbikes as some might refer to them are the future of the motorbiking community in our country and elsewhere.

Therefore, in this article, we will be reviewing one of the best e-bikes so far, and take a dive into its features, qualities, importance, efficiency, and design. At the end of this article, we are sure that you would also want to get yourself a version of this two-wheeled beauty called Lycan.

Lycan - The New Age E-bike Review

E-bikes might not absolutely be a fresh out of the box invention as they have been around since as far back as the 1890s. However, these have been reinvented over time and again, and now we’ve got better looking and way more efficient, eye-catching and enticing electric motorbikes.

The Lycan manufacturers call it the coolest reason to ride electric. It is one of the latest inventions in e-bike innovation with an excellent vintage-inspired design style birthed by the UK brand and materialized in India. Almost 8 years of experienced research has gone into making this electric motorbike. Lycan is also supported by Science and Technology Park (Govt. of India).

The Lycan e-bike bridges the gap between a utility Scooter and a normal bicycle and they even made it better by integrating a bunch of interesting features.

Lycan derived its name from the zero carbon hybrid species known as “Lichen” and its campaign launch was in August 2017 after the prototype testing had been carried out in March 2017. This beautiful amalgamation of scooter functionality into an electric bicycle by making use of an incredible BLDC brushless electric motor with accentuation on efficiency makes for a lot quicker daily commuting by delivering an impressive 250W power output. Not only are you bound to experience an incredible ride on these wheels, but you also do not have to worry about a driving license since it delivers a pretty safe and dependable maximum speed 25kmph. You stay within the obedient range of the laws governing road speeds, so ride away, now you’ve got the freedom.

Lycan - The New Age E-bike Review

Riding Comfort

The Lycan E-bike gets even better as it seamlessly incorporates comfort into its minimalistic design. It has a comfortable seat with bold contours so you can ride for kilometres without a snippet of weariness. Its 2.5” wide tires are fat enough to induce the maximum required balance for a jolly ride through whatever terrain you decide to ride on. With its light weight of just about 45kg, it is not low on strength and stability. It has the ability to carry a maximum weight of 100kg that is more than twice its Kerb weight.

Lycan - The New Age E-bike Review

So, that was about looks and comfort, but how about performance and most importantly torque?

Well, with this electric motorbike, you get an impressive 32Nm torque which immediately kicks-in the moment you start to throttle your ride so you can begin to glide in a smooth cruise down the road. It has 10 degrees grade-ability and an approximate 150 mm clearance off the ground. This is due to its highly potent rear and front suspension that makes it easy to ride even on rocky and not so motorable path. The front and rear disc brakes can gradually decelerate and bring the bike to a complete halt in a few seconds when the situation warrants. It comes coupled with LED lamps for night vision or in case of a foggy atmosphere.


This amazing bike packs in a powerful yet portable Lithium-ion battery that has the ability to last the ride for a whopping 50km distance on a single charge. How impressive, isn’t it? What’s more, is that it can be charged at your own convenience and reaches about 80% of charge level just after 4hrs. If you ask me that is more than enough to hit the road as often as you wish and for as long as you desire without even losing your breath in between the enjoyable ride.

Lycan - The New Age E-bike Review

The portable lithium-ion battery of Lycan can be easily taken out and recharged. The charging process is controlled by a sophisticated Management system that helps to extend the battery life to ensure that the efficiency after each charge is kept intact at no extra cost. If we are to calculate the fuel efficiency of the Lycan E-bike, its running cost per kilometre for as low as 10 paise, which is about 750kmpl in petrol equivalence.

That is a huge leap towards the green environment and of course saving your pocket!

LCD Display

You all would know how attractive and integral screen displays are in every sphere of innovation. The display has a way of appealing to the visual sense, and Lycan design team made sure it is not left out of their electric motorbike.

Lycan - The New Age E-bike Review

Lycan is equipped with an informative LCD display built for the field, so it is both big and bright enough for outdoor daytime visibility, yet still well protected from harsh weather conditions. The display screen shows your current battery level, current speed, and maximum speed reached along with your average speed throughout the ride. It also supports a USB charger port so you can charge your gadget on the go. Additionally, you get access to a full tracking of the total distance you’ve covered and time duration with options to reset these parameters.


Well, style, looks, performance seems good, but what if I need to carry my luggage and plan a long ride, will Lycan be advisable?

The answer to that is yes! Lycan’s design provides frames made from strong steels making it capable of carrying heavy loads on both the rear and front carriers without necessarily straining you as you ride.

Lycan - The New Age E-bike Review

Surprised? It is simply amazing how the electric motorbike makers have kept even the smallest needs in mind.

How is Lycan Important?

The importance of E-bikes in this age ranges from health to economic and even environmental importance. Environmentally, it is preferable to other mechanical bikes that give off combustive materials into the atmosphere and at the same time causes noise pollution. Hence you tend to always look forward to your next ride on an E-motorbike more often than a conventional one.

When it comes to health, an E-bike allows its rider to make use of both the pedals and electrical propelling when tired, so you get to rest without actually stopping the cruise around town. Biking increases the coordination level much more than riding in a car increasing your attentiveness and reflexes with a heightened sense keeping the sensory neurons as active as possible.

Let’s be frank, making use of an E-bike gets one through traffics a lot faster and easier while still costing almost next to nothing in fuel and stress. That is a perfect economic and financial importance right there if you ask me.

Price Range

With tons of features and quality in the Lycan E-bike, one would expect an expensive price range. However you are wrong to think in that direction, well, don’t worry, you are not alone with the thoughts! I had the same perception until I discovered it still comes at an affordable price of about $1000 (approx. Rs 65,000).

Lycan is available in two vibrant colours, a dandelion and the all-time favourite classical white.

Click below to get this vehicle delivered to you:

The Lycan design and production team have worked on making mobility as pollution and stress-free as possible. The Lycan e-bike is an important breakthrough that the Indian motorbike community needed at this hour. So, if you too are health and environment conscious, try the Lycan today and ignite that adventurous part of you.

We will be reviewing more electric motorbikes in the coming days so watch out for this space!

Always remember to ride with appropriate and comfortable gears. Safety first… then ride to the open arms of the horizons, no limits!

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