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Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India’s ‘Profile of the Month’

Is she a biker?
Is she a formula 4 racing driver?
Is she a pilot?
Is she India’s fastest lady?
Is she a renowned speaker on TED Talks?
Is she a winner of the Interglobe Badminton Tournament?

The Answer?


Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India's ‘Profile of the Month'

Sneha is one multi-talented lady, apart from being a lover of motorbikes, which includes the one in the photo (RE fans please note) she is also a fan of Harley’s, Ducati’s and as Sneha puts it ‘the good old RX 100’ (that’s a Yamaha for those who do not know). Undoubtedly, this makes her more than qualified to appear on!

But the biking element is just a small part of Sneha’s busy life.

Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India's ‘Profile of the Month'

When she is not riding one of her favourite bikes, what else does Sneha get up to? Well, her full-time job is of a pilot flying for one of India’s largest airlines, IndiGo, out of Mumbai. As a senior first officer, she can fly to over 51 destinations, including Bangkok, Muscat, Kathmandu, and Dubai.

Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India's ‘Profile of the Month'

Surely, that must keep this intrepid young lady busy, regularly flying around in an Airbus 320? Well, turns out that Sneha must be working at least 15 hours a day, as she is also known as the fastest lady in India!

Bikes, Aeroplanes and now Race cars!

So, how has she achieved this title of ‘Fastest Lady in India’?

In a number of interesting ways, whilst breaking other records along the way.

Sneha started her race career at the very young age of 16 in Go-Karting, the route most budding and successful racing drivers take. She excelled at karting over a 4-year period, gaining a second place in the National 4 stroke championship in 2009, and being the only female to qualify in the final round of the KCT and MAI National Karting Championship. Now, that’s an amazing feat!

Sneha’s race icon and major inspiration have been Ayrton Senna who sadly passed away as a result of a crash on May 1st, 1994. She now follows the career of Lewis Hamilton from his early days, through to his many successes in Formula 1 (another ‘winning’ driver who progressed from Go-Karting).

Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India's ‘Profile of the Month'

After her Go-Karting career, Sneha moved on to Saloon and Single-Seater Formula 4 car racing, securing 6 victories and 13 runner-up positions along the way. One of the most memorable events was securing a podium finish in her very first Rotax race.

Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India's ‘Profile of the Month'

And what about her ‘Fastest Women’ title? Well, this was achieved in a Mercedes E63 AMG with a top speed of 260KMPH!

In 2016, Sneha smashed a lap time of 1 minute and 12 seconds during the JK Tyre National Racing Championship. This spectacular time convinced IndiGo to sponsor their fearless pilot, along with JK Tyres for the Formula 4 National Racing Championship.

Sneha is still a minority in the predominately male-dominated world of racing, but her perseverance and drive to win (no matter what) has gained her much respect amongst her peers, and hopefully will motivate other driven females to follow in her footsteps.

Sneha loves two-wheelers and believes that “Biking is an expression of the soul”. She explains how bikes are very helpful in car racing. A track walk on a bike gives a better view of the area hence they serve as an important tool during car racing. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sneha was born in Kolkata and brought up in Mumbai, where she continues to live. Her father was in the Merchant Navy, which meant she got to travel with him a lot, this installed in her a love for all things ‘mechanical’ so you could say she has conquered land, air, and sea!

And before anybody suggests that she has achieved all this because of financial support, you would be wrong. Sneha can firmly put down her successes to sheer hard work, she has had to finance herself along the way, and now, after gaining some well-earned recognition, she is supported by JK Tyres, and more recently by IndiGo Airlines.

Most times she cannot afford to have time off work, so practice before each race is normally a couple of days (if she’s lucky).

Another one of Sneha’s ambitions is to race a Formula BMW car, which she describes as her favourite machine! Her aim is to start racing on the international circuit, and Motorbikes India will not be betting ‘against’ her achieving that…

We cannot finish this article without mentioning some of Sneha’s other achievements and her hobbies.

  • speaker at the world-renowned series, Ted Talk;
  • proud recipient of the Poorna award;
  • receiver of the ‘Outstanding Women’s Driver Award’ in Formula sports, presented by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

Meet Sneha Sharma, Motorbikes India's ‘Profile of the Month'

And guys, it doesn’t stop here, she has a long list of hobbies too which include: playing pool, swimming, general exercise, reading, and badminton.

What’s more? Well, Sneha is looking forward to being a commander this year and is really busy with the preparations. Amidst her busy schedule, she is planning a road trip to Leh-Ladakh. You will be seeing a lot more of Sneha in 2018 as she will be a part of quite a few car rallies along with the Formula 4 and vintage car rally. She will also be making an appearance at the JK Tyre / FMSCI stall at the Auto Expo 2018, this Monday, 12th Feb 2018.

I don’t know about you, but I feel tired having just taken the brief from Sneha! Where does she get the energy for all of this?

Want to know more about her, follow her here:

Instagram: Snehasharma52
Twitter: @snehasharma90
Facebook: Sneha Sharma (
LinkedIn: Sneha Sharma ([email protected])

— Philip Peters

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