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Motorbikes India partners with Audrey and Laura

Motorbikes India Are Proud To Announce Our Partnership With Two Very Adventurous French Girls Who Are Riding Their Bikes From Sydney Australia To Paris France!

Audrey and Laura - graphics

Motorbikes India are going to be following their progress by Skype, emails and photos during this epic journey undertaken by Audrey and Laura, two 26-year-old French girls. They will travel over 16,950 km from Australia to France on their VTR250’s, starting on the 6th February 2016.

Audrey and Laura trip - map overview

Their full adventure actually started a couple of years ago, as you will see from their bio below.

A Tale Of Two Biker Girls (The Story So Far)

We are two 26 year-old French girls, Audrey and Laura who decided two years ago to leave France and accomplish our dreams, travelling in Australia’s wild country a symbol of road trips and freedom.

At that time, Laura had just got her masters degree in Law and European Labour Sciences and Audrey was working as a civil engineer for Bouygues Construction on the Ministry of Defence of France project in Paris.

It was Laura’s unexpected opportunity to work as an au pair in Sydney that enabled us to throw ourselves into this amazing adventure. We lived in Sydney for a few months giving us time to save money for our trip around Australia and enabling us to get our riding license and buy 2 VTR250’s.
We did a lot of research and these bikes appeared to be our best choice.
Regardless of the design (that we loved straight away) they are reliable, unbreakable, light and easy to handle.

Passing The All Important Bike Test And Their Journey Begins

We left Sydney in May 2014; it was the beginning of our great Australian adventure! First, we went to Brisbane. Then we went back to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and travelled almost 16 000 km in a few months. We discovered an incredible nature and unbelievable landscapes. During the trip the feeling of freedom and pure joy that we had never experienced before overwhelmed us.

On top of that our bikes did not let us down. We then stopped travelling and settled in Albany, Western Australia for 9 months to work and save money. Laura worked for the Harley-Davidson and Ducati dealership in Albany and Audrey got a job in a precast concrete company as project manager.

Our visas where expiring soon and thinking of going back home and selling the bikes was heartbreaking. We then got this crazy idea: “Hey, why not ride back to Paris?”

So the trip will start again on February the 6th 2016 from Albany. We will travel all the way North up to Darwin and then ship the bikes to East Timor. We will cross Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Europe.

We are also thinking about going to Myanmar, India and Nepal. We really want to go there so we are currently researching to see if it is possible to cross Myanmar with our own vehicles.

This trip is mainly about meeting the locals. We want our trip to be a fight for women’s rights and help local charities on our way. In other words we will organise fund raising actions for the charities and write articles on Social Media regarding subject that we care about.

Our way of life will also be a form of militancy and we will show that being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t have courage, strength, get great opportunities and make incredible life choices.

We admire all women who ride and are inspired by them. For this reason we hope that we will be able to meet groups of female riders in each country we will go to, ride with them and listen to their stories…

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Laura and Audrey on red and black motorbikes
Laura and Audrey on their motorbikes
Audrey and Laura - on the road
Passing the all important bike test
Audrey and Laura - jumping
The outback of Australia
Audrey and Laura - swimming
Discovering coral rifs
Audrey and Laura on their Hondas VTR250
Audrey and Laura: An urban view in Australia
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A Final Note from Motorbikes India

Keep watching out for the updates on Motorbikes India as the girls travel across many continents and countries. We are going to be doing fortnightly Skype calls with the girls, and putting the conversations on the site.

If you have any questions for Audrey and Laura please send them to pp[AT]

AND FINALLY, FINALLY the girl’s need some advice about traveling around Myanmar can anybody give them help in this? If so please send the information to pp[AT]

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