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Motorbike Racer in India – A Quick Guide

Motorbike Racing, Race Tracks, Speed….if these words describe you and your passion for motorbike racing, then your search ends here. This article will bring you all the things you need to know to pursue a thrilling and adventurous career in the Indian motorbike community.

So, if you want to become a successful motorbike racer in India, want to be counted under the great motorbike role models like Gibernau and Valentino Rossi, gear up to take the big leap of your racing career.

Basic Requirements 

To choose and start a career in the motorbike racing in India, first you need to be focused and determined towards the efforts that you put in while pursuing this fruitful career. You should believe in yourself that you can do it. Like every other career, motorbike racing also has certain basic requirements that you need to go through.

Here are the necessities in the first stage of motorbike racing:

A: Proper Training

To become a motorbike racer, you will need to start a proper training from the first level. Practice, practice and practice well until you know all the basic stages and precautions that need to be followed for a safe and comfortable ride even at very high speed.

For a rigorous training, you should opt for the best racing training schools in India like:

  • Rajni Academy of Competitive Racing (RACR) in Chennai;
  • Apex Racing Academy in Coimbatore;
  • California Superbikes School (CSS);
  • Honda Ten 10 Racing Academy.

The Contribution of FMSCI in National Motorcycle Racing - India

B: FMSCI License

Once you are ready after a proper training, it’s time for you to get an FMSCI license. It is very important for a motorbike rider to get a license as it is mandatory for every racer to enter any race track in India.

At present, the minimum age limit to acquire FMSCI racing license is set as 15 and motorists can apply it through online resources (FMSI Website) or can also visit the FMSI office that is situated in Chennai.

C: Safety Gears

Yes, for a perfect and safe motorbike ride, safety gears like jackets, boots, gloves, and helmets play a vital role. You should ensure that you have proper safety racing gears before entering into a race track.

Oh! Well, wait a minute; the list is not yet over! To become a racer, here are some important tips in this session.

  • If you are a beginner and if it is going to be your first time on the track, then choose a racing championship that opts for you. In India, there are various motorbike companies like Yamaha, TVS, and Honda that organize racing tournaments. You can gather information regarding them on their official websites.

  • Going through the “One Make Races” will add experience to your motorbike riding skills and add flying colors to bloom your riding career. So, go through the One Make Races to get a hang of various tricks and tips that you can follow from other experienced racer’s performance on tracks. It will help you in achieving every racer’s dream which is the “Two Wheeler National Racing Championship”.
  • At the initial stage of racing, you should aim to build recognition through your performance to attract the right sponsorship for yourself. Once, you start reaching the peaks as a successful racer, you will get many private sponsorships and also recognition from the government sports department.

So, are you ready to sweep the motorbike community as a racer like our brand ambassador India – Udipta Kumar Rath? He is one of the very few professional international motorbike racers from India and is an inspiration to all the budding racers.

When are you starting your journey on the motorbike track?

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