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Motorbike Racing Tips

I am sure you would agree with this quote that “Riding a motorbike is an art and a rider is an artist”, isn’t it? Everyone has different riding styles and each follows a particular way to keep themselves safe and comfortable while on a motorbike.

Hence in this article, we shall cover some of the best motorbike racing tips that you should follow for your next drive and record your name on the wall of fame on race tracks.

So, are you ready to learn how to race?

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Important points to keep in mind while racing

We have listed some of the important tips given by famous racers from motorbike community that will surely help you:

Keith Code – “Learn To Think of Yourself”

When you are on the track, always think only about yourself and trust your motorbike. Never ever try to divert your thoughts towards other happenings.

Wes Cooley – “Keep your chest on the tank”

To improve your motorbike’s aerodynamics by lowering the gravity, try keeping your chest close to the tank.

John Kocinski – “Trust your tires”

The foremost guide for a rider to follow is to trust and believe the motorbike and its two-wheeler parts for a good drive.

Randy Renfrow – “Never give up”

Whatever the toughest situation might occur during the race, never lose hope and give up. Make it till the very end and cross the finish line.

Steve Crevier – “Ride proud”

Feel proud to be a racer and expose your talents without any sense of fear.

Eddie Lawson – “Get to know how your motorbike suspension system works”

Before entering the race track, understand the two-wheeler parts of your motorbike and learn how to improve its performance.

Freddie Spencer – “Apply brake where it is needed to and not anywhere else when unnecessary”

The brake of your motorbike decides and controls your safety on the track. Hence, never attempt to use it in the place when not needed.

Rickey Gadson – “Don’t stop at redline”

Once, you reach the finish line, never launch or stop your motorbike at the moment. It’s a common mistake that every racer tries to do. As you ride your motorbike faster throughout the track, it becomes impossible to slow down all of the sudden that leads you to slide at moment.

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Here are some basic body positioning modes which you can follow while racing. Check them out!

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The Basic Position

When your motorbike speed is of a typical street limit, then lean your upper body off-center, keep your shoulder low and keep your focus on the curves. It’s an easy and basic position for racers.

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The Intermediate Position

An intermediate position is useful when it comes to street twists. Simply lean your upper body that helps in rocking your hips which in turn will help your sit-bone to handle the whole weight. However, keep your arms perfectly positioned towards counter steer so that your arm is relaxed and extended during the curves.       

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The Full hang out position

The full hang out position is followed by aggressive motorbike racers that help them ride faster. If this position is not practiced correctly, it might lead to serious problems. Hence, practice well in advance and keep the points below in mind:

  • Balance your weight on the feet balls.
  • Use your legs to lift and change the body positions.
  • Keep 4-5 inches gap between crotch and fuel tank.
  • Rest your arm but while supporting it on the tank.

So those were some basic best body positioning techniques while racing. Here are some more tips that a new racer like you can keep in mind.

Riding on the wet road although a big challenge will help you tackle the grip and suspension related problems. So, practice as much as possible on a wet and slippery road.

For a perfect knee down experience, you should be clear about the foot position and lean angles. Always stick your legs to the right angles of the motorbike.

It is always considered that the motorbike rider’s eyes and thoughts are the thoughts of motorbike too. So, concentrate and lead your motorbike in the correct path.

The final and the most important point is practice. You must start practicing the knee down, coverage techniques of laps and curve along with your instructor a few days prior to the race.

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Motorbike racing is an art and you need to build your skill to be a good racer. We do hope that these motorbike tips listed above will help you in your next motorbike race. So just cheer up and enroll in the upcoming events near you. Good luck guys!!

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