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Motorbikes India welcomes Daniel to the Team

Born in Germany and now residing in San Diego, USA, Daniel Sedlak got his hands on motorcycles at the tender age of 6. His dad was a motorbike racer and one day he brought home the Yamaha PW 50 for Daniel and his brother and just after a few rounds of practice, both he and his brother were ready to go to a real track.

And this was just the beginning of the 23-year-old journey that has led Daniel to travel to 40 different countries across 6 different continents. Wow! That’s an impressive number, isn’t it guys?

Motorbikes India welcomes Daniel to the Team

So, when did Daniel begin his professional motorbike career? Well, at the age of 18, when most of us are confused on what to do, Daniel had made up his mind to pursue motorbike racing as a career and to become the ‘Rough Terrain Specialist’ that he is.

The KTM race in Dubai was first of his international career in motorbike racing. Throughout his career, Daniel has raced in the Motocross World Championships. He even raced international Supercross and Enduro events all over the world which led him to experience the different cultures from a motorbiking perspective.

Motorbikes India welcomes Daniel to the Team

If you thought that was it? Wait, there is more on Daniel’s achievements.

In 2013, Daniel started Sedlak Offroad School to help other riders be safer on roads and pass on his knowledge to fellow two-wheel enthusiasts. Over the last five years, Daniel has developed programs to teach riders the right technique of off road and on road riding. Not just that, Daniel has even organized training camps all over the world and built a set up in California that provides kids with the opportunity to get into motorcycling by providing bikes, safety gear, and professional instructors for various courses.

Motorbikes India welcomes Daniel to the Team

You all will be excited to know that Daniel is no stranger to India and has been in the country before! In November 2017, Daniel traveled to Pune to be a part of the international Pune Supercross and fell in love with the local motorcycling culture.

Please join me in welcoming Daniel Sedlak to the Motorbikes India Team as Head – Motorbike Safety Program. In the coming days, you will hear a lot from Daniel on motorbike safety, so stay tuned.

– Ankhi

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