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Motorcycle Helmet: Wearing it does more than you know

Speaking of a motorcycle helmet, I remember seeing a tragic accident on the road while I was back in my hometown for a couple of days. I found out on the evening news later that day that four under aged boys were apparently racing against each other on the highway with their motorcycles — it was a gruesome scene.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet

Motorcycles are widely used in the world today particularly in most Southeast-Asian countries where traffic is terrible and the roads are a bit confined. Although, it is considered one of the most efficient forms of transportation in most parts of the world, it does not take away the fact that riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous especially if a helmet is not being worn for protection. Helmets are a prerequisite in riding a motorbike but only a few religiously follows this rule.

Back to the story, the four boys were reported to have taken a fast left on a sharp curve and ended up colliding with a delivery truck. Just imagining it gives me shivers until now.

How a motorcycle helmet can save you..

Yes, most of us are almost absolutely going to be in a motorcycle accident at one point in our lives because of careless driving or lack of focus on the road, etc. But helmets can definitely save our lives and here are two most important reasons why.

  1. First, helmets protect our heads from being damaged in an accident. Our heads are undeniably the most important part of our body since it is the main control area for all that we do. Once it gets cracked or hit with a blunt force, there is already a 90% chance of you losing control of your bodily and cognitive functions. This means not being able to walk or talk or think. Nobody wants to live their prime years bed-ridden like a vegetable because of an accident they could have prevented with a helmet on.
  2. Second, helmets are required by law. It might be uncomfortable and a bit of a weight on your head, but if one practices wearing a helmet faithfully while riding a motorbike, others will soon follow. This is simple Domino Effect. You do not only obey the rules and regulations of your city, you also become a role model (and a life-saver!) for your fellow motor biking enthusiasts. And, quite honestly, that is the noblest thing you can do as a citizen of your country.

Fortunately, though badly mangled and hurt, one boy survived from that accident. Yes, you guessed it right. The one and only person who was wearing a helmet got through the whole ordeal alive.

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No amount of money — not even years of guilt and regret — can bring a life back. So, if you really care for your family, your friends, even your neighbour for that matter; encourage them to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding their motorbikes — because you never know when accidents will happen.

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