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New 100cc from Bajaj due 7th January

There are reports that Bajaj is going to launch the 100cc bike on 7th January, 2013. According to Bajaj, it will be the most advanced 100cc commuter motorcycle in the world. The 100cc bike sector is known for its economic price tag and high mileage figures, but Bajaj bike announced that its brand new 100cc commuter motorcycle would be the dearest of this sector. However, they are quietly confident as the acceptance for the high performance bikes is developing in the country. Although there are no details as yet on the bike all will be revealed on 7th January 2013.

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Speaking to the media, Bajaj Auto President K Srinivas said, “It will be the most expensive 100-cc bike ever launched and will be the most advanced technologically.” Information regarding the price and technical specifications of this new 100-cc offering are under wraps for now. Srinivas further said, “Customers in the segment have had to compromise with boring bikes and boring features for the sake of mileage for too long. Bajaj Auto want to offer exciting bikes with exciting features along with good mileage. Customers have started moving towards 125-cc bikes as they offer a lot more features. The new bike, however, will be a mass product.”

Motorbikesindia says roll on 7th January for this much await motorbike!

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